A Shayna Maidel (A Lovely Girl) is the story of one such family, a Polish Jewish family that was torn in half by the Nazis. It focuses on two sisters. A SHAYNA MAIDELPlay by Barbara Lebow, Source for information on A Shayna Maidel: Reference Guide to Holocaust Literature dictionary. A Shayna Maidel is almost necessarily compelling, given the awful antinomy at its core: this sister raised in plenty, that sister caught up in.

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A Shayna Maidel Photo Gallery. Your sister is your sister forever. Vanessa Stalling’s often satisfying staging for TimeLine Theatre doesn’t square this circle—and shzyna can’t.

Lusia recognizes almost immediately her sister’s reluctance to be with her, which adds to the strain in the relationship. Furthermore, Rose learns much about her family, which allows her to forge a closer relationship with her sister.

In one extraordinary scene, Mordechai and Lusia methodically compare notes—literal entries in pocket journals they keep—on shwyna many dead and missing among their relatives and friends.

‘A Shayna Maidel’ at TimeLine is a sister story with surprising power – Chicago Tribune

Lusia initially does not mind being left behind because she can remain with her best friend Hanna and because she has fallen in love with Duvid. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Modern Language Association http: What if you were separated – by distance and then by the war? Rose shsyna not know how to talk to her sister because they are strangers to one another and because Rose cannot comprehend the suffering that Lusia has experienced.

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A Shayna Maidel is out for redemption. The Chicago company is looking for a way to survive in a changing world. Maidrl, his wife, and his two daughters were supposed to leave Poland for New York, but before they could leave, Lusia contracted scarlet fever and had to remain in Poland with her mother. By Sharon Johnson Mordechai’s refusal prevented his shayma and daughter from leaving Poland; as it naidel out, if Mordechai had accepted the offer, his family would have survived and his daughter never would have suffered her ordeal in Auschwitz.

Yet the play’s overall themes and the cast’s performances are ones which resonate long after leaving the theatre. How do you build sisterhood? Together, they make up for what their father has missed amid the bounty of America: Featuring a text shayan of words and sounds heard during the performance.

By Meredith Boe How do we love people through their trauma?

‘A Shayna Maidel’ at TimeLine is a sister story with surprising power

Lusia marries Duvid, and they have a child Sprinze together, but eventually Lusia, her mother, husband, child, and best friend are taken to Auschwitz. Therefore, Mordechai had taken Rose Rayzel with him to New York and had intended to have his x and Lusia join them after the daughter recovered. But Lebow also wants to make maidep pain go away. And Lusia-haunted by vivid memories of her past-struggles to connect with a family she’s never known and to believe in the potential of life in a new land.

This was an outstanding production.


Vanessa Stalling gets the props for orchestrating a staging that clearly presents a narrative that switches back and forth in time and place. Chicago Tribune – Highly Recommended.


A Shayna Maidel is out for redemption. A Shayna Maidel Yiddish for a pretty girl is skillfully directed by Vanessa Stalling, with careful attention to the present turmoils and wrenching memories of the main characters. In addition, Rose, having come to New York at the age of four, has become fully Americanized and has even changed her name from Rayzel Weiss to Rose White.

A Shayna Maidel | TimeLine Theatre

Chicago Reader – Somewhat Recommended. Read the full review. A Shayna Maidel is out for redemption. So much so that she gives her drama an unearned happy ending that depends, first, on a miraculous homecoming and, second, on a lightning-fast change of heart.

It was an experience not to be forgotten. By Deanna Isaacs And Lusia—haunted by vivid memories of her past—struggles to connect with a family she barely knows. A Shayna Maidel explores family, faith, and forgiveness inthe pursuit of a better future.

But Emily Berman as Lusia steals the show exhibiting two different personalities as a happy newlywed before the war and a scarred and flawed survivor afterwards.

A Shayna Maidel is like sitting maieel the living room of an estranged family and watching as they learn how to be a family again. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe.

Windy City Times – Recommended.

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