Of ASTM D (Medium-Curing Asphalt) or AASHTO M Intended Uses: Major use for MAFCO Cutback MC is in the road maintenance industry where it is. Standard Specification forCutback Asphalt (Medium-Curing Type) AASHTO Designation: M () 1. SCOPE 1. In previous editions, AASHTO has printed ASTM standards which have been adopted by A complete list of AASHTO specifications with corresponding ASTM .

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Neoprene 55 Duro – AASHTO M Grade 3 – 1/4″ Thick x ” x 4″ – M82

F is less thanthe material will be acceptable if its ductility at Registration Forgot your password? As an alternate, Saybolt-Furol viscosities may be specified as follows: Share buttons are a little bit lower.

In order to attain workable asphalt cement at ambient temp. F See Note 1. Evaporation breaks the anionic Electromechanical process breaks the cationic. A material used to hold solid particles together, i. Used to separate volatile from nonvolatile substances. Solubility in Trichloroethylene, percent Spot test See Note 4. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. To make asphalt workable soften it should be heated.


Auth with social network: An example would be a finished. Less cost than cutback. Since like electrical charges repel, asphalt droplets stay suspended in water. F —60 to s. A thermometer is submerged to a prescribed depth into the asphalt and used to monitor the temperature rise. AC heated at specified rate.

Highway Materials/ Asphalt

When specified, the engineer shall indicate whether the standard naphtha solvent, the naphtha-xylene solvent, or the heptane-xylene solvent will be used in determining compliance with the requirement, and also, in the case of the xylene solvents, the percentage of xylene to be used. Aggregates Usually refers to a soil that has in some way been processed or sorted. Place in ventilated c and rotated at specified rate for 5hrs. If the 8m2 at 25? Properties of Asphalt Important properties of asphalt include: Three pans are placed on a rotating shelf in a oC oven for 5 hours.

Consistency can be controlled by the mount of heavy gas oil removed.

AASHTO M 82-75

SCOPE This specification covers liquid petroleum products, produced by fluxing an asphaltic base with suitable petroleum distillates, to be used in the treatment of road surfaces. Penetration is found for aged samples.

Used with no additional heat. Emulsify asphalt in water. Black or dark colored solid or viscous cementious substances composed of high molecular weight hydrocarbons. Standard naphtha Naphtha-xylene solvent, percent xylene Heptane-xylene solvent, percent xylene 30 38 — 60 — 0. M 1. n82


Kinematic and Absolute viscosity. F Residue from distillation to ? Aasjto 50 g sample of asphalt is poured into each of three flat-bottomed pans. Fvolume percentage of sample by difference Tests on residue from distillation: Absolute viscosity at 60?

The flash point is the temperature at which a small blue flicker around the inside of the cup is seen as the wand is passed horizontally over the surface of the cup. Soils are materials that are used as-is. Published by Giles Watts Modified over 3 years ago. Resistance of a fluid to flow. Distance in centimeters to which a standard sample may elongate without breaking.

AASHTO M – Free Download PDF

The use of the spot test is optional. F is more than Ring suspended in water bath. More energy efficient than cutback. Grade MC—Furol viscosity at 60? Grade MC—Furol viscosity at 50?

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