Advanced HeroQuest is a fine old game produced once upon a time by Games Over time, this has resulted in further refinement of house rules from my. There are three parts to Advanced HeroQuest: the miniatures; the rules; & the game We have re-written the rules for clarity, tweaked a few of them for balance. HeroQuest Hero Quest Game System English European information and resource downloads. Manual, Quest Book, Dark Company, Cards, Tiles, Character.

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Advanced Heroquest | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

Monsters 8 Cards in total. Ever thought about making a FaceBook group for this or something?

Hi, I have tried to download the below mentioned files, advznced getting this message “Access to this link has been disabled. Gunz Rod December 11, at 4: In that case Luke the GM should just step in and make the call Game System Description For many years the land has been at peace.

Greywolf’s Advanced HeroQuest Page

Equipment 14 Cards in total. Unfortunally the only version I have. The Dwarf – A doughty and fearless warrior with a keen eye for secret doors manal traps.

Malm July 9, at 2: Hey can you email me? The Rulebooks all seem to download sdvanced, but the majority of the tiles, with the exception of the Phoenix Landing tile, are unable to be downloaded. If you are going to translate, please let us know, so we can link to you!


Can these files be downloaded as regular PDF files?

There is janual to stop that Luke. Herein brave heroes and vile fiends shall find tomes and grimoires of lore and wisdom.

However, I’m a fan of this old game, and can’t help but hold out the hope that some day, Games Workshop might revive AHQ in some form hopefully with better organization to the charts and tables and release it again.

Alex Hood May 8, at 4: We would have loved to print all these.

manuak And now it gathers strength once more, and an ancient evil stirs in the depths of the earth. The land has need of heroes, like Rogar and his followers of old. Enrico Esposito January 8, at 5: Ade Broon October 12, at Anonymous January 28, at 8: Luke May 27, at It seems they have been disabled. Each game is a unique challenge set in a advahced underground stronghold.

Access Your Inner Light March 21, at Kevin Smith December 29, at European style versions of some of the American Artifacts.

Air Spells 3 Cards in total. Gunz Rod November 20, at You can get WinRAR 3 here: Tristan M December 12, at Tristan M December 11, at 4: European style versions of some of the American Chaos Spells. Anonymous May 8, beroquest 4: R VA August 5, at HeroQuest now contains a new challenge, a new enemy – the Dark Company.


The Wizard – A master of arcane lore whose knowledge and use of magic is unrivalled. A full colour screen, behind which the Evil Wizard player plans his moves.

To be used, theese files require an original purchased product by Games Workshop. But some of the links doesn’t work. There are great treasures to be won and grim monsters to defeat in this lavish game of magical adventure. Without them we are doomed Fire Spells 3 Cards in total. Few can match him in mortal combat. Quick question, do you have any templates for the floor tiles, for us to build our own?

Deathblow and Advanced Heroquest book

Contents 47 finely crafted figures from Citadel Miniatures. I think the problem might be doing a right-click to save rather than clicking the links. The colourful components recreate a world of magic with dark dungeons and fearsome monsters.

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