Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 15 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching . The AFRS Form serves as verification of completion of the degree. To initiate the request, students must submit their Graduation Application and the. Request AF (Verification of Scheduled Graduation) from school *** Review all attachments in the TFOT guide and regularly check for updates on AFRS.

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Notification of Board Results: Poorly written OTS profiles and reference letters, along with unanswered questions, cause a board member to be concerned, which often lowers a board score. Applications can only meet sub-programs that are available on the particular board submitted for — applications cannot cross 14113 the Rated and Non-Rated subprograms within the same board. A separate GPA worksheet is required for completed graduate work. You will note the paragraphs primarily address AFRS squadron procedures; however, the following is guidance on how the process works for Active Duty AF applicants: Font size should be 12 to make it easier for board members to read.

Currently, between 60 and 65 per class. Ensure the commanders are aware of any waivers that may be required. An NES applicant is anyone whose primary language spoken at home as a child was not Affrs. Advise the applicant of an alternate point of contact, if necessary. Age Waiver — Used for both Non-rated and Rated applicants. Only use this section when interview is conducted by an AF officer in the rank of captain or below. Prior Service applicants must request their military records using SF List any previous applications for commissioning programs even if not selected.


Highlight the degree, major study, and date degree conferred. It is used as an aid in the selection of pilot candidates. See Section 7 for Waiver processing. Ensure all applicants initial next to Age Statement pertaining to their application all non-rated applicants must initial non-rated age statement regardless of their age. All letter grades given for test results must also be include in the GPA calculation.

You must list utilization field titles not codes. The commander should speak with the unit First Sergeant, interview the applicant, and request a review of the final bankruptcy disposition letter, along with any other information needed to make a determination.

All pilot applicants must take the TBAS. Section I, Page 2: Waivers affrs be requested per instructions located in AFIparagraph 5. List ALL offenses including any Article 15 action received. AFRS Form must include projected graduation date, classes needed to complete degree requirements, class standing if availableand certification from the school registrar. List the name of the institution, type of program i.

Should I submit the application early to meet the deadline or wait until the documents come in, then submit the complete application? There are no special instructions required to complete form. Pregnancy is a medically disqualifying factor until after the member is cleared of her pregnancy profile and can provide a current AF Form qualifying her for continued enlistment and commissioning. Applicants may request a waiver for a 3rd test if they have an appropriate justification.

DSN prefix is Applicants must use the AF IMT 56 continuation sheet to explain the circumstances of their bankruptcy. Any comments must be dated and initialed by the applicant. Refer to paragraph 16 for AF accession specialties and titles. To be potentially competitive, an applicant must have exceptional strengths in work experience, leadership, and communications skills, along with other leadership traits. Who completes the application? Item 22 of AF IMT 56 should be filled up as much as possible and should address the objective for officership, rated afr, if applicable, avrs address any negative factors.


Applicant Profile 12 If 113, ensure remarks are placed on Continuation Sheet. This is a common question.

Letters of Pending Graduation

Profile should be complete and list as much as possible about the applicant. Applications will only compete on one board. The applicant must surrender monetary costs associated with the services provided by the credentialing agency. Refer to paragraph 7.

Commissioning Helper

Rated applicants who are 29 as of the BOT board convening date are too old to apply. This is enough to generate a valid overall GPA, and all applicants must qualify with the same GPA requirements undergrad. The best person to write an LOR is one who has a working knowledge of the applicant; attesting to applicant’s character, morals, standards, and potential. Additionally, a morals or other waiver may be required, depending on the reason for the Article Some of the most common reasons for non-selection are weak writing styles and a lack of bullets on the AF IMT 56 interview.

What advice can you provide to me adrs help me increase my applicant’s chances of being selected?

Commissioning Helper

All records are required, regardless if from previous service or another branch. Local reproduction of this guide is authorized.

I have an application that is almost completed. Direct all questions through that office.

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