ALASKA. Gebrauchsanweisung. Mikrowelle MWD Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Kauf dieses ALASKA Produktes. Wie alle Erzeugnisse von ALASKA. ALASKA. Gebrauchsanweisung. Mikrowelle MW herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Kauf dieses ALASKA Produktes. Wie alle Erzeugnisse von ALASKA. ALASKA. Gebrauchsanweisung. Mikrowelle mit Grill MWGN herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Kauf dieses ALASKA Produktes. Wie alle Erzeugnisse von.

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Cleaning the microwave oven is an essential part of the secure operation of the device and the prevention of health hazards. In case this product does not function correctly, please firstly check if there are other reasons, e.

To remove the odors from cavity, combine a cup of water with juice and skin of one lemon in a deep microwaveable bowl, cook for 5 minutes.

Disconnect the power plug from the electrical outlet when not in use and before cleaning.

Safety door-closing system Door window Turntable ring Turntable drive Control unit 10 6. Achten Sie darauf, dass das Bedienfeld nicht nass wird.

Mokrowelle cleaning or operation do not immerse the electrical parts of the appliance in water or other liquids. Unpack the device and remove the packaging material. Speisereste oder Spritzer mit einem feuchten Tuch auswischen. Switch your microwave off and pull out the power plug before you clean it.

The ring and the floor of the cooking area should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent excessive noise. It contains important information for your safety as well as operating and maintenance advice.

Use the appliance only as described in this manual. Cook for the shortest stated time period and increase it where necessary. Alasa other use might lead to damage of the appliance, property or personal injury. Do not use the appliance for storage purposes. Halten Sie leicht brennbare Materialien fern. Wenden Sie das Gargut zwischenzeitlich, der Garvorgang kann dadurch beschleunigt werden. Grill rack 9 can be used in Grill and Combined mode.


LOCK in der Anzeige erlischt. Lay out the cord in such a way that no unintentional pulling or tripping over it is possible. Clean the door seal, the cooking area and the parts next to it regularly and carefully with a damp cloth.

Bedientafel Leistungsdrehschalter und Zeitschaltuhr 6. This device is a combination bedienungsanpeitung a microwave oven and a grill. The user bedienungsanleitunb to enter the weight of the food, so that the system can calculate the necessary cooking time.

Do not place objects with open flames, e. Wenn der Laufring zu Reinigungszwecken entfernt wird, vergewissern Sie sich, dass er wieder richtig eingesetzt wird. Place a damp cloth on food remains that are stuck in place and let them soften up for a while before wiping them off. Damages caused by wrong treatment or operation, by false placement or storage, improper connection or installation, as well as force or other external influences are not covered by this guarantee.

To do so the door has to be open so that the cooking process is interrupted. In case of malfunction, repairs are to be conducted by qualified personnel only. High Defrost High Grill Combi.

Wipe and dry thoroughly with soft dry cloth. You want to grill for bedienungwanleitung minutes. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Do not use the microwave oven without the glass turntable in place. Failure to maintain the oven in a clean condition could lead to deterioration of the surface that could adversely affect the life of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation. If some of the points stated above are visible then put the start-up on hold until a service technician bedienungsaanleitung checked and repaired or replaced the device.



Intended Use Use the appliance only as described in this manual. Where necessary remove the plug, wait 10 seconds and insert it properly back into the power socket. To cook g fish 1. Clean the casing with a damp cloth. Stellen Sie die Mikrowelle auf einen flachen, ebenen und stabilen Untergrund. Wir empfehlen, die Bedienungsanleitung aufmerksam zu lesen, bedienungsanleitnug dort wichtige Hinweise enthalten sind.

ALASKA MW1717GN Instruction Manual

Children shall not play with the appliance. Legen Sie einen feuchten Lappen auf feste Speisereste und lassen Sie diese eine Weile aufweichen, bevor Sie sie auswischen. While setting the timer steps 1. It also represents a danger of microwave radiation on living organisms — they bedienungsanleiyung cooked on the inside before the heat receptors on the skin are able to signalise a danger.

Then wipe the inside of the device once mikrowelke and dry it with a soft cloth. They allow microwaves through so that the food is heated and not the container. By pressing this button several times you can choose between several microwave power levels. The purchaser must prove the right to guarantee claims by presentation of the purchase receipt.

Never hold the appliance under running water. If the cooking room lamp has to be exchanged, please inform customer service. Page of 13 Go.

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