The phrase Jesting Pilate can be: a phrase coined by Francis Bacon in the opening sentence of his essay Of Truth; a name for the Biblical verse to which Bacon was referring, namely John ; the title of a book by Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley’s Account of Japan in Jesting Pilate(LEONARD). 1. Introduction. Aldous Huxley, celebrated novelist, essayist and travel writer, visited Japan in. OTHER POEMS (T WaA) JESTING PILATE An Intellectual Holiday BY ALDOUS HUXLEY What is Truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

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If it depressed juxley, that was only because I looked at the whole matter from the wrong end, so to speak. Jeating little struts and flying buttresses of marble, with which the Greeks strengthened their statues, are absurd, if you choose to consider them closely.

Costly and unflagging labour had created and conserved in the teeth of the sand, the scorching wind of summer and the winter frosts, a garden of trees and lawns, of roses and English vegetables.

Jesting Pilate: the diary of a journey – Aldous Huxley – Google Books

We are too familiar with them to realise them. For the greatest of the alien Mohammedan emperors was a patron of the indigenous Hindu art of India, and the architecture of his capital is marked by something of the genuine Hindu vigour and wealth of imagination.

He was a dim little man; but at any rate his linen was clean, and he was not in the least holy.

On sudden and un- expected eminences rising out of this plain stand the Indian equivalents of Nepi and Civita Castel- lana. Tolstoy objected to too much cleanliness on the ground that to be too clean is a badge of class. It is the same with us in the West. When the same thing begins to happen in India, when the credit on which the white man has been living and ruling for so long is withdrawn, what then? There under palm-trees, we drank a kind of richly perfumed soda-water, we ate strange dumplings stuffed with mincemeat that was at once sweet and violently peppery — chopped mutton mixed with a vitriolic jam — and tried to take the burning taste of them away with little cakes and sandwiches, slabs of almond icing and fried savouries.


Here in India, there are only small rooms adorned with the elaborate decoration that is meant to huxlej looked at from close to and in detail. Yes, down the waste. That they are not is due, I suppose, to the powerful disinfectant action of the sunlight.

It had become a city of coral. But at least it works. Ppilate of these renunciatory pieces — a most elaborate, classical affair — was played for our benefit.

Jesting Pilate : an intellectual holyday

And what about next week, and the week after that, and all the other weeks that are to follow? Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Our compound was pro- vided with water from the city supply. Innumerable grey-headed crows fly hither and thither, sit perched on jestinv roof, every sill and wire.

Man’s progress has been contingent on his ca- pacity to organise societies. There can be no mistake about people who dance and rush about.

I’d never tackled anything by this author, before picking up this series of essays at a used bookstore.


Jesting Pilate by Aldous Huxley

Now that liberty pilatr out of date, equality an exploded notion and fraternity a proven impossibility, republics should change their mottoes. The turf is fresh and green. As works of art, the pietra dura deco- rations of the Taj are poor and uninteresting. But then jesing majority of human actions are not meant to be looked at with the eye of reason. Nobody came in to kiss his feet. I returned full of admiration for Hannibal. We were carried in darkness through the invisible forest.

Perhaps it is one of the effects of the climate.

Only with the aid of a historically trained imagination can we see or hear as our ancestors heard or saw. These cloud-gazers, of whom quite a surprising number are portrayed in the pictures of the Lahore collection, are represented as stand- ing or reclining on the roofs of their palaces look- ing up huxkey a sky full of pitch-black vapours, against 59 JESTING PILATE which a flight of somewhat heraldic swans stands out with a peculiar brilliance. In practice, however, they are rarely anything but slipshod, haphazard, and to northern eyes at any rate, in- effective and unimpressive.

It is a deplorable fact; but there it is. Physiologically, the feat seems almost as extraordinary as that of the eel, which leaves its native pond or river to breed, two or three thou- sand miles away, in the deep water of the ocean.

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