In this age of over emphasis on subjective approaches to forms of knowledge in the design disciplines Alejandro Zaera Polo’s essay is a. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Alejandro Zaera-Polo and others published The Politics of the Envelope. A Political Critique of Materialism. Seminal theoretical text to examine: The Politics of the Envelope, Alejandro Zaera-Polo Zeara-Polo’s The Politics of the Envelope is an exposition into the role of.

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It offers another way of thinking about architecture — or more precisely, it reminds us xaera forgotten ways of thinking about it — that do not treat the architectural product as merely an outcome of a process, of context or a set of forces. Like artificial intelligence and genetics, the building envelope is now a technology at the vortex of the political storm. The structure of the analysis of building envelopes has been consistently organized into four categories enveelope envelope: A Political Critique of Materialism.

This is politic broken down into its elements: In this sense, the very form of architecture is meant to transform the way people act and think in the world, ultimately producing political effects: He makes some great comments on how contemporary multiculturalism should focus on common ground rather than difference.

The Politics of the Envelope – Alejandro Zaera-Polo (Reading Discussion) | Performative Ornament

Polo outlines four types — though he is clear in alejandrp that these are not the only ones: This can be contrasted with the other types which have varying degrees of roof exposure, footprint areas or overall surface area.

Lecture poo January It is still important to fight the rhetorical battle at the level of narrative and political debate, extremely important given that conservatives have such a loud persistent message that they win populist support despite the fact that their policies only favor the elite.


Zeara-Polo proposes that historically. Our hypothesis is that every dimensional type can trigger specific technological, social and political effects.

During this experiment we envleope try to identify the opportunities within the constraints—the attachments—that come with the dimensional specificity of each envelope typology, and develop prototypes that will be capable to exploit these potentials.

It includes the crust of space affected by the physical construction of the surface, by the scale and dimension of the space contained, by its permeability to daylight and ventilation and by its insulation values and solar-shading capacities.

Politics of the Envelope | Begum Baysun | Archinect

In many cases we can decide the basic form and if we are informed about the political and social implications of form we can take these decisions more carefully and consciously rather than leaving them up to chance, fashion or the computer. The introduction of certain cladding and roofing technologies, such as curtain walling systems, silicon joints, and plastic waterproofing membranes, has eliminated the need for cornices, corners, pediments, and window reveals.

As Benjamin thought that the form of technology could create the space for collective consciousness and communist practice, Zaera Polo promotes the idea that it is through formal interventions that radical politics is best practiced today.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. At a time when energy and security concerns have replaced an earlier focus on circulation and flow as the contents of architectural expression, the building envelope becomes a key political subject. While just a few decades ago the crucial question for politucs was the choice between pitched roofs and flat roofs, today we are considering the choice between the box and the blob. The building envelope is possibly the oldest and most primitive architectural element.


Help Center Find new research papers in: The purpose of the exercise will politcis a catalogue of examples and prototypes, to initiate a General Theory of alejandroo Building Envelope. Here is my anotation: What is fascinating and important about this essay is that reminds us that form is significant and not something to be ignored or left to chance.

Therefore, the ploo should embrace envrlope market and work within it to try to promote a new directionality towards a more egalitarian, emancipatory future. You are commenting using your WordPress. The envelope has the capacity to re-present, not in the sense to which the architectural critique has accustomed us, but in the ancient political role that articulates the relationships between humans andnon-humans in a common world.

Xaera reality, he suggests this is actually a response to the way that politics specifically has created a social and theoretical response. Flat low slabs create vast perimeters which may create security issues which tower forms can more easily control and police their entry points and perimeter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Furthermore, it contradicts the dynamic nature of such a theory in response to global politics.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. There is no such a thing as a unitary theory of the building envelope in aleajndro history of architecture. The image of the rave, a collective environment capable of mobilizing crowds of people into a single rhythm appears to be a perfect incarnation of associative democracy as a coexistence of heterogeneous populations and informal associations.

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