Alert en ondernemend Te vinden onder de startknop, netwerk applicaties, informatiesystemen, alert & ondernemend 2. CMV in veelvoud Trendstudies bij Alert en Ondernemend Herkenbaar en Toekomstgericht Landelijk opleidingsprofiel voor de hbo-bacheloropleiding. Alert en ondernemend Opleidingsprofiel Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming Herkenbaar en Toekomstgericht Landelijk opleidingsprofiel voor de.

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This intervention was developed by using the Intervention Mapping approach and consists of the following components: This study addressed the question to what extent planned work may actually be completed on a daily basis. In this study, it is investigated whether a typology can be imposed upon a sample of wage-earners, based on their exposure to a broad number of occupational stressors: To investigate whether age predicted ondrrnemend onset of elevated NFR, multivariate survival analyses were conducted The highest levels of NFR were observed in the age group of years.

Why do perpetrators engage in the bullying of others?

The interviewees suggested to improve the mental component of vitality by means of relaxation exercises e. Still, little is known about the interrelation between work schedules, working hours, and depressed mood. Pre-implementation simulations of effects can help steering towards desired outcomes. Using a sample of co-worker dyads, we found that the employee’s FWI had a positive relationship with the co-worker’s sickness absence through the crossover of onderne,end of ondernemeend.

Need for recovery; Work-related fatigue; Gender; Highly educated women; Working conditions. To reduce the duration of sick leave and loss of productivity due to common mental disorders CMDswe developed a return-to-work programme to be provided by occupational physicians OPs based on the principles of exposure in vivo RTW-E programme. Moreover, 20 participants underwent electromyography EMG tests to measure the muscle strain they experienced while carrying out the basic functions grasp, rotate, and maneuver in the x, y, and z axes.

Samenvatting: Alert & Ondernemend – CMV – Stuvia

Shimazu, Akihito Bakker, Arnold B. Emotional exhaustion and mental health problems among employees doing “people work”: The convergent validity between Br-NFR and other instruments also showed good results: Findings Levels of maladaptive fatigue, and poor recovery, ondednemend across the course.

A systematic review, a needs assessment and discussions with Dutch experts led to a pilot group training, tested in a pilot study. On the basis of case studies regarding eight change processes in four Ondernemenv drugstore franchise ondernemdnd, this article distinguishes different levels of franchisee trust and discusses five instruments that franchisors can “institutionalize” in their franchise systems to influence their franchisees’ trust and fairness perceptions.


First of all, it was examined whether emotional dissonance mediates the relationship between emotional demands and both emotional exhaustion and work engagement.

Contrary to the expectation, higher cortisol levels did not mediate the relation between higher self-reported physical workload and more children under age two on the one hand and lower-quality caregiving behavior on the other.

Also, the specific practices studied within each HRM category differ so there was little evidence to show whether similar practices have the same effects in health and non-health settings. At all three time points strong significant associations were observed between DAS28 and work ability, RAQoL, and work-related fatigue and this relationship remained strong after adjustment for confounders.

Trust and vulnerability in doctor-patient relations in occupational health. Thus, the finding that bullying has a considerable effect on exposed individuals also when controlling for the effects of other job stressors demonstrates bullying as a serious problem at workplaces that needs to be actively prevented and managed in its own right.

Samenvatting: Alert & Ondernemend 2.0

These advances are deemed necessary for problem solving in three stages: The lifestyle intervention will be evaluated in a RCT among older workers of two major academic hospitals in the Netherlands. A separate audit of the activity of Victorian podiatric surgeons was conducted. Manipulation checks revealed that objective control altered perceptions of control but not perceptions of demand. Differentiating job hindrances and job challenges in the Job Demands-Resources model.

To assess the results from a wide-ranging series of systematic reviews of the evidence on HRM and performance. Cuijpers, Pim Bonsel, Gouke J. Nieuwenhuijsen, Karen van der Klink, Jac J. Analyses were conducted for men only. The screening instrument, Balansmeter, captures 34 questions on demographics, work environment, private situation, mental health, and sickness absence history. Outcome measures are assessed at baseline, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Using data from 16, employees within 1, groups, we conducted multilevel analyses which showed that group leadership climate level and strength are related to individual organizational commitment after controlling for the influence of individual level leadership climate. The lifestyle programme is developed specifically tailored to the needs of the older workers and which is aimed at improving their vitality. Practical implications – Insights into ERP’s effects can help organizations achieve better designed jobs.


Sample 2 contained data from mental health care workers from ten different organizations. The largest improvement for all outcome measurements was gained in the first 6 months of treatment and was sustained over the following 6 months.

Psychological detachment was a partial mediator between job stressors and strain reactions. Each handle had its advantages and disadvantages. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Job insecurity and employee health: Background Knowledge was gathered on occupational demands and health effects of two occupations in the construction industry, bricklayers and supervisors, in order to design a job-specific workers’ health surveillance WHS for construction workers.

The work-directed intervention has been developed based on a systematic literature review of work-directed interventions for cancer patients, factors reported by cancer survivors as helping or hindering their return-to-work, focus group and interview data for cancer patients, health care professionals, and supervisors, and vocational rehabilitation literature.

The translation process followed the guidelines for cultural adaptation of questionnaires including the steps of translation, synthesis, back translation, expert committee review, and pre-testing. The feasibility of the intervention and direct and indirect costs will be determined.

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This is what students say about Stuvia. This paper presents an in-depth examination of the demand-control-support-model DCS-model. As process measures, we used indices of compliance with the intervention in the intervention group and employee-supervisor communication in both groups.

Given the partial and methodologically limited evidence base these findings should be interpreted with caution. The feasibility of the intervention and the study has been enhanced by creating an intervention program that explicitly appeals to construction workers and will not interfere too much with the ongoing construction.

Accordingly, employees endorse most positive work attitudes task enjoyment and organizational commitment when job demands and job resources are both high.

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