Gerda Weissmann Klein. Gerda’s maturation takes place gradually throughout All But My Life, under the shadow of the Nazi regime. At the beginning of her. are thought to be impatient with all things foreign or uncool sat there in rapt attention, already transformed by her book, All But My. Life (Gerda Weissmann Klein. All but My Life tells the haunting story of Gerda Weissman Klein’s experience under the Nazi regime. Taken from her home in Bielitz, Poland, and.

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Gerda and her mother unravel old clothes, dye them, and knit new sweaters to earn money for food. During the winter ofshe began a march from jy labor camp in Germany to Czechoslovakia.

Gerda’s story is powerful. Gerda as one of the victim was sent out of her own country.

All but My Life

I don’t permit myself many Holocaust memoirs. With little coal to heat their two rooms, the Weissmanns are warmed by their love for one another and their memories of happier days. Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. I read this book because my high school kids are reading it in their Holocost class. Again and again I was struck with Gerda’s strength and hope something often pointed out by the people around vy, even if she does not always recognize it in herselfso much so that I could weissmmann why she never really succumbed to the belief that she would perish as so many others had.

All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein | Scholastic

It is only natural for us to think that the people who survived the Holocaust were the strongest, the fittest, the most intelligent. All But My Life: Why did we not fight back? They turned against each other in bloody battle, and usually both fell back lifeless to the earth. We are truly blessed with the comforts of life right down to running hot water for bathing bt being able to klei our teeth!


Peachy It’s towards the end, Part 3, second page approximately of chapter 4. I always wanted to impress upon them how wrong it is to seek a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

greda May 18, Allison Wonderland rated it it was amazing Shelves: Soon it was hard for them to keep the news secret when the Nazi’s invade poland and separate the families. She said after many of her loved one passed away “”now i have to live,” i said to myself, “beucase I am alone and weissmmann hurt me any more”” Need I say more?

She has the same eyes. There he stood in his good gray suit, his only one, his shoulders sloping, his hair steel gray in the sun, on his breast the yellow star and black word.

What she faced along with her friends and camp mates was what she tells us in this novel. On closing the book, one is left with great admiration for this woman. Although stripped of the essence of life, they were able to survive the barbarity of their captors. But Gerda only saw him as an older brother. Jan 04, Lori rated it it was amazing Shelves: I saw a Holocaust survivor. Starting at the age of eighteen, Gerda who had led a life filled with family love, would often think of her family and those thoughts seemed to keep her going with the hope that one day she would reunite with he I can’t possibly award any stars to this novel.

Books like this are a gift to those of us who have never experienced true hardship. This book made me appreciate life more, and strengthened me to never look the other way at someones suffering. Gerda Weissmann Klein writes of her holocaust experiences.

All but My Life by Gerda Weissman Klein | : Books

I actually think the best part was at the end and her descriptions of the liberation–I was on an airplane and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. The trials I have endured are nothing compared to this story. Gerda’s friend Abek gives her roses, a reminder of the beauty outside the ghetto. While at camp She is allowed to write letters and writes her brother All but my life was a good book but it was also very depressing.


It had helped me to survive, this lovely world that was to be mine when the war was over. A young childhood quickly changed, I remember one passage that really brought this home for me. Heirs of the Founders. I’m happy to have read this book at last.

Her mother’s last words, “Be strong,” sustain her through loneliness and near despair. Soon even that hope is taken from them. Maestros and Their Music. She told her story, this story, at the weissann and it brought most of us to tears. If only I could be certain that someday my children would be standing on my grave.

Jan 25, Melissa T rated it it was amazing Shelves: Soon the family is torn apart. Out of a column of 2, girls and women, fewer than survive. I cried from beginning to end, because I knew the basics of her story.

Each approaches reintegration into normal life uniquely too. Gerda and her girl friends are forced gy a Winter March from Poland where she witnesses tragedies, starvation and winter weather.

Wonderful book from a wonderfully strong woman.

All But My Life

How does this type of horror happen? Ilse, a childhood friend of mine, once found a raspberry in the concentration camp and carried it in her pocket all grda to present to me that night on a leaf. Thank you to my Heavenly Father for sending me this book at a desperately needed time.

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