The All But My Life Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter Gerda Weissmann is a fifteen-year old girl who lives with her . The girls are taken to a hospital and it is there where Gerda meets Kurt Klein who asks her to. Read a free sample or buy All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. All but My Life tells the haunting story of Gerda Weissman Klein’s experience under the Nazi regime. Taken from her home in Bielitz, Poland, and.

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All but her life. Sep 27, Selina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I wanted to reach out to young people, make weismsann aware of the preciousness of life, and show them that it was not to be thrown away thoughtlessly, even under conditions of extreme hardship.

All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein on Apple Books

It is unlike all of the other Holocaust memoirs I have read, perhaps because it is the first in which a female sur Perhaps it is a sense of morbidity that leads me to read the most heartbreaking memoirs.

He did not wave. From her comfortable home in Bielitz present-day Bielsko in Poland to her miraculous survival mg her liberation by American troops–including the man who was to become her husband–in Volary, Czechoslovakia, inGerda takes the reader on a terrifying journey. In Januaryas liberation seems imminent, Gerda’s worst days begin. As Julie, who recommended this book to me, so presciently says in her review, “Here’s what sets Gerda’s story apart: Need I say more?

I wanted someone to make me happy. A fellow Jew, he left Germany for the U. Starting at the age of eighteen, Gerda who had led a life filled with family love, would weissmannn think of her family and those thoughts seemed to keep her going with the hope that one day she would reunite with her parents and her beloved brother.


The author held on to life through memories of her family and the vow she made to her father to never give up on her life. Her family was Jewish, well-off and lived in Bielitz, Poland.

Oct 30, Lisa rated it it was amazing. She conveyed a sense of a strong personality, sensitive to others but not backing away from her values or her reality. There was a problem adding your email address. Not that she needs to be replaced, but I don’t think all students are going to relate to Anne.

I have no idea what it is like to suffer. There he stood, already beyond my reach, my father, the center of my life, just labeled JEW. The point of life is go through many obstacles and problems to succed.

I know why This is a beautiful memoir of a holocaust survivor. May 03, Marialyce rated it really liked it. Jul 07, Maggie rated it it was amazing. From her comfortable home in Bielitz present-day Bielsko in Poland to her miraculous survival and her liberation by American troops–including the man who was to become her husband–in Volary, Czechoslovakia, inGerda takes the All But My Life: To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now.

I’m so glad that she didn’t stop writing when she came to the end of the war. Because we had faith in humanity. She has the same eyes. There is a presence to her that reached out and touched my soul. Please provide an email address. In Heaven, it met with the other prayer that had asked for just the contrary. I have given the narration four stars, just as I have the book.

All but My Life

In the end all she has left are the precious photos of her family, hidden for three years in her ski boot, and her life. Lif dozen hands stretched toward me, begging. It started out in poland with her and her family trying to protect her father from knowing of the war. Peachy It’s towards the end, Part 3, second page approximately of chapter 4.


These chance moments where she is picked to work instead of die seem incredible, but you realize that without incredible luck, a Polish Jew would die. This is one of my most weisamann books.

Yet no matter how great her suffering, Gerda never chooses to bury her heart. Opening the iTunes Store.

Paperbackpages. I leaned against the tiled wall of the cubicle and vomited while the water ran over me. And yet, as with so many other stories of Holocaust survival, I couldn’t get past just how weissmajn all of those who lived relied on luck – some chance happening or favorable aligning of the stars that meant living just one more day.

Print all article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. She tells of three years in a labour campand three years of a forced winter march from Poland to Czechoslovakia.

As heart-wrenching as it is, I somehow feel indebted to read these difficult things and even weep for those who suffered and still are. I prayed that I should never be assaulted, for I knew I would strike back, even though I would have to pay for it with life itself. It’s probably not helpful to dwell on past injustices, since history is littered with monstrosities–not just German ones. The copy I read was my mother’s from when she was a girl.

We are truly blessed with the comforts of life right down to running hot water for bathing and being able to floss our teeth! Unseen hands were moving him farther and farther away from us. The author as a teenage was sent to the labor camps during WWII.

I strongly recommend this book for those interested in learning what actually went on during the Holocaust. She and her weissman are sent on a brutal death march.

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