Aloka Co., Ltd., announced today its new ProSound Alpha 6, the next generation of compact color ultrasound systems. The ProSound Alpha 6 multi-purpose. high-end platforms, designed for hospitals. All of these benefit from our technological thought leadership. ProSound F75 Premier/CV. F F ProSound 6. The ProSound Alpha6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. This system.

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This is a tool to get the desired image with planer information. This technique is useful for studies like Breast imaging, where we can get better images by adjusting the sound velocity of the ultrasound. The quietness and round body design minimize the patient’s unease with medical equipment.

This gives high performance with less after sales expense with very less down time.

Hitachi-Aloka Prosound Alpha 6 Shared Service-Ultrasound – Model Information

The M-mode cursor can be rotated in degrees. High definition Blood Flow Imaging.

It can also display outlines more clearly by selectively emphasizing boundaries. It is the simultaneous display of B mode with flow and Doppler prsound the same time. AIP reduces the speckles while maintaining the clear boundary of the tissue. The machine is very easy to use. Presets of the machine parameters for users.

The conventional printer proound be installed to get the direct printouts of the images and the reports directly from the machine. Steering allows the continuous steering of the Linear gray scale images to right or left so that the optimal image angle can be obtained. ASMA can automatically detect the boundary between the cardiac cavity and the endocardium to calculate the area of the cavity prosounnd each frame, enabling the quantification of endocardial segmental motion.

  78L09 SOT 89 PDF

It is the simultaneous display of B-mode and B-mode with flow. Unidirectional flow with more sensitivity. To rate or post a comment Log in or Register.

Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. Has bagged the best international design award for its innovative design and performance by International Forum iF. Interviews Collect, process, communicate — retina measurements with Mimo SoftHand: It is an Imaging technique to study the condition of the heart giving strain to the heart muscles through treadmill of medicine like dobutamine.

It is IEC Ed: A height adjustable operation panel and swivel LCD monitor provides ease of use to the examiner. IP select is a programming of the image parameters like Contrast, Frame co-relation, View gamma in 8 steps so that the user can get the desired image by a single knob.

Additional field of view with Linear Probe.

Aloka ProSound Alpha 6 Ultrasound System

ProSound Alpha 6 has been designed for convenience and ease of use. Dornier Delta II A compact integrated lithotripter, combining proven Dornier EMSE technology, a fully integrated shock wave source, C-arm and isocentric movements to alo,a an easily transportable, user friendly lithotripter with highly accurate targeting. Model names, specifications and configurations of products in overseas market outside Japan may be different by the countries.

Frequently used functions can be assigned to numerous keys available in the machine.


ProSound Platforms

Share your opinion or experience with this equipment – Review this model. STIC is a software technique to evaluate the fetal heart for the congenital heart defects. Wave intensity is the new indicator of blood flow which is expected to help pave the way for analysis of the interference between the heart and the arterial system.

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The ProSound Alpha6 offers huge potential both as a multi-purpose system and as a specialty system. Direct attachment of conventional computer printer. Automated Segmental Motion Analysis. CW is a technique to measure high velocity blood flows as in the case on heart valve stenos.

The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. Older Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews ProSound Alpha 6, designed to address the ultrasound diagnostic needs of public and private hospitals and clinics, provides unprecedented performance in an affordable system. Spatial Compound Imaging SCI – The ultrasound beam is transmitted and received in real time and in the multiple directions resulting in a reduction of speckle noise, suppression of artifacts, and improvement of contrast resolution allowing lesions to be clearly observed.

MSI helps in transforming 3D volume data from regular ultrasound scan into series of sequential images captured in intervals.

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