Peter awakens next to Mary Jane, hearing a voice. He and Mary Jane see that its Tony Stark’s voice coming from the eagle statue in their room. Through the. Previous Issue. Next Issue. (Story) Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 (Title) Amazing Spider-Man # · Amazing Spider-Man # The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (September ) Aaron Davis: Spider-Man # (January ). Created by · Joe Quesada · Chris Bachalo. Characters, Peter Parker · Mary Jane Watson · Aaron Davis · Amadeus Cho. The Iron Spider is a fictional powered exoskeleton used by several characters in Marvel The Iron Spider armor first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # and.

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Amaxing he thinks of what it would be like in Las Vegas, Peter thinks about using his spider-sense to win at blackjack, in the hopes of making enough money for his family after he is gone, but of course, even Vegas would most likely be hit by super villains he would have to fight. The Final Battle — Part of the ‘ The Other: Castillo, a doctor recommended to him by Captain Americawho treats Peter’s wound and takes a blood test.

In his anger, Peter almost kills him before Daredevil stops him. He tells her about the horror he felt the night he got his powers after thinking about what would happen when a man merged with a spider the same way a fly was merged with a man in The Fly.

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 529

It was used symbolically to show the character’s divided loyalties during the – ” Civil War ” storyline. Later Wolverine flirts with MJ but to no avail as Mary Jane conceives it as another one of Wolverine’s attempts to seduce her into an affair; it turns out that Wolverine only did so in an attempt to deflect her mind from the loss of her husband. Peter Parker wore this suit as Spider-Man’s official costume until writer J.

The issue and this storyline conclude with Spideramn Stark beginning work on a new costume for Spider-Man. After this, Peter tells Aunt May what is wrong with him. Later on during the “Civil War” storyline, he uses them reluctantly during his fight with Captain America.

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Retrieved from ” http: Peter agrees and Tony tells him to pack his bags because they’re going to Washington. You can help by adding to it.

With no time to contemplate the events of days past, Spider-Man rushes to the scene of an explosion where a building was just demolished and people are trapped under the debris. Parker Goes to Washington: Retrieved from ” http: Mary Jane thinks that, when he was reborn, he became a new man and his mistakes and regrets can be left with spiedrman old self. Evolve or Die ‘ event.

Peter then violently bites and tears out Morlun’s neck, killing him. Comics caption less artist Comics infobox image less alt text Story arc pop. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has recently been having black outs, dizzy spells, and enigmatic dreams, which includes MorlunKraven the Hunterfrogs, Uncle Benand spidery imagery. The Clone Conspiracy ” ” Spider-Geddon ” The supernatural aspects of Kaine’s revival have since been revisited in the Scarlet Spider vol 2, where Kaine sporadically uses some of his “Other”-induced powers.

Peter is still in a state of confusion and is having some sort of an identity crisis after his rebirth. It grants the ability to breathe under water, and can morph into different shapes due to its “‘smart’ liquid metal” form. Later on that night Peter goes to Tony asking what his underlying motive is, and he reveals that he wants Peter to be his right hand amazibg in the coming conflict.

Following the One More Day storyline, he apparently lost his ability to create organic webbing, although no explanation has been given for why.

Iron Spider

Spider-Man quickly begins to “dig” into the remains of the building, and in his attempt to find survivors, he discovers that spideran soul was imbued new powers from the dream, including night vision, the ability to feel vibrations through his webbing, and the ability to adhere to objects via the skin on his back, allowing him to securely carry items such as the small girl he found and rescued.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 In confronting a new villain esaol himself Tracer who is robbing a bank, Spider-Man suffers a bullet wound to the shoulder. Tracer tells her that he is a reserve Avenger who is there to watch over her. Inside the tower, Spider-Man finds the pirate spiders with Peter’s old body. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat It features a set of four mechanical legs that sprout from the back of the costume, which Spider-Man uses in combat and enhances his mobility and agility.


The suit is now ready to go but before taking it for a spin, Peter inquires Tony as to how Mary Jane’s arm was healed so quickly, seeing as it was broken yesterday. Tony reveals to Peter that he’s making the final slight modifications to his new uniform, considering Peter’s spideramn one was “just cloth”. Kaine said that ‘he died and came back with all these new powers’, to which Peter responded that he had “been there and done that. Suddenly, he realizes that, if he can stick to walls with his fingertips, then he must be able to stick things to his back.

A 9 and up.

Iron Spider – Wikipedia

It forms a cocoon in a church. Parker Goes to Washington ‘ story arc Alternate Covers: Part One of Three “. It can also “more or less disappear” when not needed due to reactions to neurological impulses as Tony Stark eepaol. Later, Peter tries to clear his head with web slinging. Each issue had a variant cover drawn by Mike Wieringo, featuring a different incarnation of Spider-Man.

Several days have passed since Peter shed his skin and begins with Iron Man flying around searching for him. Sign In Don’t have an account?

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Changeling Ninja Assassin Spider-Man returns home and, finding Tracer, attacks him. Peter goes to see Mister Fantasticwho tells him that his condition is not caused by cancer or a viral or bacterial infectious disease.

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