Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: 1) the mention of the possession by the Buddha of an illusory body (this can be seen in the. With Ambaṭṭha. So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was wandering in the land of the Kosalans together with a large Saṅgha of around five hundred. Ambattha Sutta. Preached at Icchānankala when Ambattha-mānava visited the Buddha (D.3). Reference is made to the Commentary on this sutta where a.

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He went by carriage as far as the terrain allowed, then descended and entered the monastery on foot. And Pokkharasati heard say, “The ascetic Gotama, son of the Sakyans, who has gone forth from the Sakyan clan, is staying in the dense jungle of Icchanankala.

And the Blessed One knew that he was so in doubt. A few of the marks cannot be explained naturalistically.

Now would the son thus come to the Brahman maiden through the Kshatriya youth receive a seat and water as tokens of respect from the Brahmans? Would he receive a seat and water from the brahmins? Quite secluded from sensual pleasures, secluded from unskillful qualities, they enter and remain in the first absorption … This pertains to their conduct. And it seems that the ascetic Gotama spoke only the truth, though we presumed to rebuke him!

Ambattha Sutta

Buddhaghosa is somewhat ambiguous in his interpretation of this idiomatic phrase, on which compare M. Whoever sutts attached to questions of ancestry or clan or pride, or to giving and taking in marriage, is far from the supreme knowledge and conduct. This is the first path of failure. But that is not possible. Then the Blessed One went forth from his chamber, and began to walk up and down.


And when he had thus spoken the young Brahmans fell into tumult, and uproar, and turmoil; and said: Then Sutra tth a did so. At this point, the Buddha gets up, goes outside and sytta to walk up and down himself so that Ambattha, following, could examine his body for the marks of a great man, which, you will recall, was his original purpose.

Ambattha Sutta (DN 3) – Paliesque

Oxford University Press,http: Yet still the aristocrats are superior and the brahmins inferior. Only after this the Buddha proclaims that what deserves respect and reverence is the morality of a man, and not his ancestry. And the Lord, being aware of his doubts, effected by his psychic power that Ambattha could see his sheathed genitals, and then, sticking out his a,battha, he sutfa out to lick both ears and both nostrils, and then covered the whole circle of his forehead with his tongue.

We are busy, and have much to do.

Guide to Tipitaka by U Ko Lay. And standing there he might say: Furthermore, with the fading away of rapture, they enter and remain in the third absorption … This pertains to their conduct.

But he unable either to shoot to arrow or to withdraw it. In addition to advocating Buddhism, he is associated with Sankhya philosophy.


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