Andrew Lahde’s Farewell Letter. Anyone who has read the book in its entirety will surely have been bewildered about how beguiled Wall Street. Retiring hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde: “All of this behavior supporting the Aristocracy, only ended up making it easier for me to find. Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country). One of my next posts, that has been coming together in my head for a.

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Sat Oct 18, 5: This guy likes smoking weed and making money. The passion and dedication he puts forth is just unmatched from what I’ve seen in my 10 years in this industry. Why not merely volunteer for managing the assets of some charities you care about? So good luck with all that Having said that, I do have some hope since the man who is apparently leading in the polls for president doesn’t come from the aristocracy like ffarewell current president, or the Republican candidate do.

Originally posted by cepheid: On the issue of the U.

Sun Oct 19, 3: I’m curious what are his plans, if any, regarding his possible advocacy of these issues? The fund speculated on increases of U.


Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter | MetaFilter

If it wasn’t for the shorts, the problems would have gotten a lot worse before crashing. Originally posted by JasterMereel: I love it when people open up and show who they really are, for even a moment.

Unfortunately fadewell someone else mentioned, his farewell message about the faulty system will have more of an impact because of the number of chips that he is cashing in.

The low hanging fruit, i. He’s got enough money to ignore the rat race and to literally do what he wants.

Andrew Lahde

Hemp is not marijuana and vice versa. I could do it too The evil female plant — marijuana. For years, the OCC examined the books of national banks to make sure they were balanced, an important but uncontroversial function. I suspect he recognizes that it was a lot of good luck, and is smart enough to quit while the quitting is good.

Face it, they all work hard, all the time. Nor am I writing to make further predictions, as most of my forecasts in previous letters have unfolded or are in the process llahde unfolding.

Andrew Lahde’s goodbye letter (and what’s wrong with our country)

Of course, the subsequent entrenchment of the war on drugs, the DEA, and other bureaucratic money sinks made the established status frewell all the easier to retain.


However, I do not want to sound like a Hollywood actor accepting an award.

You know, my eyes work pretty great, but whats with the small lettering? After all, sitting and laahde is how we made money from the subprime debacle. With all due respect, I am dropping out. Jun 2, Posts: The original American flag was made of hemp fiber and our Constitution was printed on paper made of hemp.

Good for this guy for reaching Fuck You Money.

Just wanted to let you know I’m pulling my tiny pensu from the collective American ass cause I’ve done shot my wad while stealing yours.

I believe there is an answer, but for now the system is clearly broken.

Between here and now. I don’t have the typical american view.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pretty darn effective trolling, designed to provoke an emotive reaction I hate you s. They will all be forgotten andred fifty years anyway.

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