Twilight has ratings and 85 reviews. Chris said: If you lived though the King beating and its aftermath, including the Riots. You really need to re. Anna Deavere Smith. Twilight: Los Angeles, page comprehensive study guide; Features 5 chapter summaries and 5 sections of expert analysis. Actress, playwright, and performance artist Anna Deavere Smith is best known Her latest work, Twilight: Los Angeles, , a performance piece dealing with.

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The play itself is considered California Literature due to the sense of community, or lack thereof, throughout the text. Los Angeles, is a play written by Anna Deavere Smith telling the thoughts and feelings of people who resided in Los Angeles during the riots. People may think that such victimization brings compassion towards everyone and promotes the want for equality.

From nine months of interviews with more than two hundred people, Smith has chosen the voices that best reflect the diversity and tension of a city in turmoil: Everyone in America at least, especially fellow white people who cannot feel the pain and the tension that was prevalent inthat was prevalent inthat is still prevalent today in About Anna Deavere Smith Anna Deavere Smith is an actor, a teacher, a playwright, and the creator of an acclaimed series of one-woman plays based on her interviews with diverse voices from communities in crisis.

I mean this city has abused both sides. Anna Smith interviewed many people from both sides and also people from other races and she turned made them into monologues. American history is known for certain signature triumphs. Apr 23, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: For those who may not be familiar with Anna Deavere Smith’s work, she has pioneered her own style of drama, creating one-woman shows based on one-on-one interviews conducted with literally hundreds of real people.

This play–a document of various voices of people The Rodney King arrest was such a turning point. Return to Book Page.

Extremely fascinating analysis of the Rodney King riots in LA using real quotes from interviews and court hearings. This piece touches on so many racial nuances and perspectives of the whole situation.


Twilight: Los Angeles (film) – Wikipedia

Once I got to the end of the work, I started formulating my own opinions on race and diversity. They live from grandmama to mama to girlfriend. Her use of a poetic structure throughout the work adds to the underlying meaning. The way each monologue is told makes the play appealing and true to character.

I enjoyed reading it and regret I was not able to participate in a dialogue with students about it but I applaud th This book was the first-year summer reading book for Moravian this year and what a fantastic choice! Mark Taper ForumLos Angeles. Please add cover image. In the introduction Smith talks about the role of theater in society, and specifically the role she tries to take with her theater in her American society. In the book, Paula Weinstein states that she thought it was, “a media fest of making white people scared of the African-American community” Smith, Los Angeles, is an excellent read.

Dec 08, Qi Yin rated it it was ok. It was a mixture of different factors for a long time that was adding strain to already fragile tensions. What comes through most is the fear and the pain and the bewilderment of ordinary people caught up in or witnessing the riots, a repeated sense of not understanding how all these things happened — while at the same time understanding, consciously or not, why they did.

Anna Deavere Smith is an actor, a teacher, a playwright, and the creator of an acclaimed series of one-woman plays based on her interviews with diverse voices from communities in crisis.

Views Read Znna View history. I love that a school with Moravian’s emphasis on the arts would choose a theatrical piece that ties so well to one of the most important issues currently making headlines.

This is the city we are living in. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

This book like Fires In The Mirror was inspired by a racial tension. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Instead, it fuels even more hatred for each side towards each other because one side will always think victimization is unfair and that those people would need a safe-space. Smith is truly a pioneer of documentary theatre, Extremely fascinating analysis of the Rodney King riots in LA using real quotes from interviews and court hearings.


Los Angeles, does a great job at giving a verbatim account of many individuals own opinions and experiences before, during, smity after the Los Angeles riots. Quite a few of the pieces are colloquial, stammering and thoughts drifting off without completion, which is truthful of how humans speak. Anna Deavere Smith born September 18, is an American actress, playwright, and professor. It treads on new ground covering the Twilgiht riots and does so through the eyes of those who Not to be confused with the currently popular Twilight vampire series, this is truly a work of art.

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

Sheinbaum stated “at the same time, I had been on this kick, as I told you before, of The text on its own, too–with Smith’s added stage directions, etc–is striking and gives those of us who were either too young, too far away or both the opportunity to experience the riots through the eyes of those who were there and who were affected in very real and very frightening ways by the violence and turmoil. Written in the manner of a reality TV show; Twilight is like watching one half of an interview.

Lists with This Book. It simply is a game of which group is superior. This book will help those who were not born during the time of the riots gain a deeper understanding of the problems and feelings that contributed to the Los Angeles riots. As such, Twilight should be considered required reading for just about everyone: At the beginning of each monologue, Smith gives a description of her interviewees, putting her skill at characterization to work. I genuinely wish I could make this required reading for There are interviews from multiple angles such as the Korean and black conflict, first responders, and leaders from the community and different organizations.

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