ANSI B Passenger Ropeways – Aerial Tramways, Aerial Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows and Conveyors – Safety Standard. Buy ANSI B Passenger Ropeways – Aerial Tramways, Aerial Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows And Conveyors – Safety Standard from SAI Global. Buy ANSI B Passenger Ropeways – Aerial Tramways, Aerial Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows And Conveyors – Safety Requirements from SAI Global.

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All electrical power transmission wiring located near or proposed to cross over tows shall comply with the applicable requirements of IEEE C The design shall have a minimum factor of safety of 2 in resisting overturning and, b7.1, 2 against sliding, under dead-load and live-load conditions. Audio indicators shall be audible over all ambient noise levels, and visual indicators e.

Prior to operation of newly installed aerial lifts or after any modification thereafter of the electrical system, the electrical system shall be tested and shown to meet [the requirements of] this [standard] Part and the test results shall be recorded. A third-party independent inspector conducting a periodic inspection under par. The rope grip shall be designed and installed so as to resist a force which tends to slide h77.1 along the haul rope, and which is a minimum of 2 times the force required to move a carrier along a properly lubricated haul rope at its steepest incline, under the most adverse conditions of carrier loading.

Wisconsin Legislature: SPS Note

No aerial lift shall be operated using a single power unit, except for unloading passengers or for maintenance purposes. Upon completion of the acceptance testing, this procedure shall be implemented in a manner that will prevent unauthorized personnel from making changes to the Page 21 of 42 logic or operating parameters.

No claim to original U. The manufacturer or a Qualified Engineer shall furnish a written procedure to be followed and specify the auxiliary equipment necessary for periodic testing and adjustment of the holding force of each brake, rollback, and backstop device.

ANSI B77-1

Forms for reporting accidents may be obtained at the Division’s Web site at http: Load Gates shall have an override control to hold them in the open position by the lift operator. With the grip in its operating position gripping the rope or equivalenta downward load, equal to the dead load of the carrier plus 6 times the design live load, shall ajsi cause any part of the grip to fail.


These ropes shall be either of a static rescue type or a dynamic mountaineering type. The drive train shall be so arranged that there is no belt, friction clutch, or similar friction-type device between the backstop device and the drive sheave.

The above regulations for minimum operating personnel may be modified in the following cases:. The exit route for foot passengers shall be designated.

These ropes shall be carefully stored when not in use and shall be examined after each completed aerial lift evacuation and prior to each season of operation, both summer and winter, to ascertain that they are in satisfactory condition.

Andi this standard, passenger ropeway categories include: All programmable logic and parameters shall be documented. Rope grippers for skiers shall not be permitted. At least one point of access to the lift shall have a minimum clearance width of 36 inches mm to accommodate passengers using adaptive equipment.

Where reverse capability is provided on a b777.1 unit for an aerial lift, provisions shall asni made to prevent accidentally shifting into reverse whenever the aerial lift is operating. The connection between the towing device and a recreational device shall be designed to minimize inadvertent detachment due to line surges including stops and starts and [should] shall not be detached by passenger movements without their reaching the towing device.

Fully enclosed passenger cabins shall be ventilated. All correspondence and documentation that is sent by the owner of a ropeway to a third party independent ansu addressing cited violations of this chapter shall also be sent by the owner to the department.

Underlined text is to be added to the ANSI sections. The width of the anwi path on the unloading anso and the breakover point shall be greater than the carrier width. For chair lifts, there shall be no impediment to obstruct passengers inadvertently failing to unload at the unload point.

This line of authority shall list:. Application of the drive sheave brake shall automatically disconnect the power source to the power unit in use. Before an aerial tramway that is new or relocated or that has not been operated for routine maintenance within the previous 2 years is opened to the public, it shall be given thorough tests by qualified personnel to verify compliance with the plans and specifications of the designer.


Foundations on rock shall be firmly anchored to solid rock, unless designed as gravity foundations. A report of a periodic inspection shall be submitted to the department within 10 days from the date of inspection if the inspector does not recommend issuing the permit to operate for the ropeway.

If changes are made to the drive train components that affect rotational inertia i.

Schedule Joint Senate Assembly Study. The service brake, drive sheave brake, and rollback device shall be designed such that failure of one braking system will not impair anai function of the other systems. Provisions shall be made in the design of the aerial lift for emergency evacuation of [common passenger types] all passengers see 3.

A permanently installed two-way voice communication system shall be provided between the prime mover control point, drive machinery building if any, loading stations, and unloading stations. The towing devices [should] shall be moved a uniform distance each time and in the same direction. No aerial lift shall be operated using a single power unit without a second operable power unit being available except for unloading passengers or for maintenance purposes.

All aerial lifts shall be equipped with at least two power wnsi, one of which, at a minimum, meets the requirements of 4.

Ropeway Information

The minimum factors shall be 1. Thorough load and operating tests done in the presence of the Commissioner shall be performed under full loading and any partial loadings that may provide the most adverse operating conditions. Foot passengers shall be provided with approximately level unload platforms and the necessary handrails, steps, or ramps to exit the unload area.

The “Wait Here” point shall be marked. Each ani shall be provided with a lock located in such a manner that it can be unlocked only by authorized persons or by automatic means.

The permit to operate shall be valid for no longer than 12 months. All carriers shall be clearly identified with numbers located on each end of each carrier. All structures and foundations ahsi be designed and constructed in conformance with 1.

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