Antywzorce sql pdf. Typ danych FLOAT jzyka SQL, tak jak typ danych float w wikszoci jzykw programowania, koduje liczby rzeczywiste w. Antywzorce języka SQL. Jak uniknąć pułapek podczas programowania baz danych. Jan B Karwin. Karwin B., , Antywzorce języka. Antywzorce języka SQL. Jak unikać pułapek podcz Bill Karwin. zł · okladka. Audiobook w mp3; Mobi + Epub.

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The chapters are very cohesive and are easy to consume in a single sitting.

Antywzorce sql pdf

I think the chapters are well written, and seem to cover a lot of issues a developer might encounter in his first few years of development. This enjoyable read covers many anti-patterns, clearly and with compelling reason, that I’ve both been thrust into and put myself into. If you are working with relational databases definitely give it a read. Antywzogce still a good read.

Dinged also for nothing on de normalization and what you need to be careful about when doing tbis, after all de normalization can look like an anti pattern.

Concise, stand-alone chapters allow you to easily find and read about specific topics.

I would have liked to see this important topic addressed. Paperbackpages. Also, no superfluous content in this one. In the world of SQL you can do many mistakes. As of late, I’ve been letting Hibernate do most of the heavy lifting for me, trusting antywzkrce it will generate reasonable SQL and keep me out of hot water. Sadly I have made many of the errors described in the book. Other reviewers said that the “Application development Anti-patterns” section is a hit or miss in regards of content quality and relevance.


It stored and compiled in the database, runs within the oracle executable and inherits the security, robustness and portability of the oracle database. Feb 05, Eric Ajtywzorce rated it really liked it Shelves: I struggled for a long time with a database that had a large tree structure, so I’m a First, this is based on B6.

Jul 08, Ji rated it liked it Shelves: The final verdict is: Oct 29, Phil Eaton rated it really liked it Shelves: Either way, the sal is mature and introducing an abstraction above the ActiveRecord objects usage in controllers is reasonable.

For the reader with no experience in database design another book should be read first to gain a t This is a very readable book covering best practice in relational database design and some related areas of interest to software developers.

This book was recommended by some programmer friends of mine, and proved to be a good read.

SQL Antipatterns

Mar 04, Johnny Graber rated it really liked it. If you’re a developer struggling with database problems, I’d say, pick this book up.

Chapter 25 “Magic Beans” is a bit weird. Plsql lets you declare constants and variables, then use them in sql and procedural statements anywhere an expression can be used. Bazy danych podstawy projektowania i jezyka sql krystyna.

For the reader with no experience in database design another book should be read first to gain a thorough understanding of the basics. I would have appreciated some concrete discussions on writing performant SQL queries.

  HP ENVY 700-040D PDF

The “Polymorphic associations” anti-patterns really resonated with me.

Feb 14, Michael Gaudet rated it really liked it. His explanation of the problems these can cause should help developers remember why the anti-patterns are so dangerous. The section on application development was a pleasant surprise to me because it talks jzka testing and possible migration strategies.

Developers and DBAs alike would benefit from this read. I regret that I did not read it before, because it will resolve some of issues during my work. Most antipatterns are about misunderstandings on good database design; jzyk example, the author discusses such timeless classics as implementing many-to-many relationships by putting multiple comma-separated values in a row.

SQL Antipatterns by Bill Karwin

It is very well written, great content uzyka easy to follow. I would say it is an intermediate book about databases, so if you are a database expert there won’t be much to learn from it. What you need to know is that this is something worth reading and taking your time.

However, I didn’t learn too much that I didn’t already know.

Antywzorce sql pdf

It’s a very good book for the people, who just learned SQL. Mar 02, Todor rated it really liked it. And here we are. Data manipulation and query statements of sql are included within procedural units of code.

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