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AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard. ™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. A. S. /N. ZS AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. Originated in Australia as AS CA8— Join our Senior Welding Engineer Alan McClintock as he brings to attention what to do if using steels not manufactured to AS/NZS

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Where a slot weld is made by completely or partially filling the slot i. Welding power sources IEC This Section applies only to inspection by the inspecting authority or the principal. Single-run and multi-run fillet welds may be qualified on opposite sides of the same test plates. The transition shall be made by chamfering the 154.1 part or by sloping the weld surfaces, or by any combination of these as shown in Figure 3.

AS & AS/NZS – Australian Welding Institute

Provided each preparation complies with the requirements of Table E2, Appendix E, for double-V, doublebevel, double-U or double-J welds, preparations of unequal depth shall be deemed prequalified also.

Qualifications of welders see Clause 4. Published on 23 September The use of preheat before air-arc or plasma gouging should be considered. St The gap between parts shall normally not exceed 5 mm. Welding of high strength quenched and tempered steels Part 5: Either— i the steel type number, as given in Table 4. If any failure is due to cracking in the heat-affected zone or in the weld, the procedure shall be modified and a new procedure test plate shall be prepared.


Where either of the two additional spots fail, the entire weld should be examined, and repaired as appropriate.

Only Sections U, X and Z apply to unequal-width rectangular hollow sections.

This Amendment applies to Clauses 2. For the purposes of Table 6. Licence means the right to access and use the Product.

All steel seismic-resisting systems are req For the purpose of this requirement, a digital or scanned image is considered to be the equivalent of a photograph. Preparation detail see Notes 2 and 3 t Position G Gas metal-arc pulsed-transfer mode may be used for these preparations where average current exceeds A.

AS 1554.1 & AS/NZS 1554.1

Under certain circumstances, such as an unusual joint configuration, it may be necessary to prepare two test pieces for different purposes, one as shown in Figure 4. Transverse guided bend test Method 5. Standard quality requirements A procedure qualification nze a single-V butt weld that has been welded from only the one side shall qualify for welding a double-V butt weld and a single-V butt weld that has been welded on both sides. Inspection aids and measuring devices shall be sufficient to enable the inspector to detect imperfections that could occur on welds and test pieces.


This can be achieved by welding a pipe test piece in the 5G or 6G fixed position. Electrodes that do not comply with the above Standards may be used, provided they are qualified in accordance with the requirements of Clause 4.

Asnzs Compliance Requirements | Blog | Global Welding

The effective area of a plug weld shall be the nominal cross-sectional area of the hole in the plane of the faying or contact surface. The minimum spacing of lines of slot welds in a direction transverse to their length shall be four times the width of the slot.

Fire precautions Part 2: Compression probes shall have a dominant frequency in the range 4 MHz to 5 MHz, and an essentially square or circular transducer in the size range 10 mm to 20 mm. Demonstrating compliance of imported material with th This is particularly relevant when the direction of loading is normal to the plate surface Z direction.

Mechanical equipment—Steelwork Steel structures Shielding gases for welding

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