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Please note that in absence of this information, report will be from current month and will be in Marathi.

Assimil book Norwegisch ohne Mhe Norwegisn for German speakers Norwegian Edition

About business- Work such as starting new business, to take decision due to some reason or difficulty, change a decision, remedies, rectification are included in this. Person should always is to start the subject, or do norwegich work in it, in the favorable period of graph-pair of relevant subject. I do not find it as a disadvantage, because repetition is the key to learning.

You have right to get it verified and compare to current method of future prediction. It has to be enjoyed and finished. Once try this method and see the benefits- We place before you onne advantages of this method by some examples. You then can take out print-out at your end.

One more important rule should be remembered here- Just as start of a subject needs to be in favorability, similarly end or closing or ending of a subject also has to be in favorable period if you want happiness in future in that subject only. When destiny wants to give him loss or gainit induces the person to do some work from which he will have loss or gain afterwards. But you cannot get our type of guidelines of 36 types at the same time.

This means they are telling their own opinions in place of that of Shastra and that is why ten astrologers give ten answers. For new subject- By starting new subject in favorable period of Graph, overall happiness, success can be achieved with certainty.


You will get guidelines on all difficulties connected to destiny. If there is unfavorability in this subject, lots of efforts are aszimil to be taken to bring some improvement. It is include the most relevant and correlated subject just before your research. Out of 43 subjects in the list, up to 9 subjects only are to be given here.

36 JodGraph MHE

Secondly usually his capability in accurate prediction is not proved by keeping records by scientific method. Guide for Selecting 9 Subjects- List of subjects is at the end. When will business start? But constraint is that when to ask to join is in the hands of management. In this generally aim is any of the follows- Vehicle should turn out to be good piece and should prove useful for many years, no major injury should happen due to accident, if it is for commercial use then it should prove profitable, legal difficulties from accident on road should not arise.

Secondly, generally many activities are planned for doing in a year. Numbers of subjects in which some activity is planned. You can investigate the period when something comes to your mind, or is suggested assimol somebody. Sages found various rules, methods and made this shastra from knowledge received through Yogasadhana and composed this shastra for benefit of the society. If you keep on doing your work in relevant favorable periods, there will not be loss, unhappiness.

Price you pay for our software is tiny when compared to the big gains you make. This is are the best and correlated subject ahead of your search. Consider a common person. What is the matter? Astrologer also is an ordinary person, his problems also are like those of others. By pairing each of 9 subjects with all remaining, 36 pairs are formed.

When asking for report, what should precisely expected and 9 subjects chosen, which aims should be assimi, to main subject is briefly explained here. Important reason of this is that- the belief that prediction for these people will be same because their birth chart is same is itself wrong, because it is not actually observed anywhere in the world. After doing all this as per shastra, the favorable and unfavorable periods specific to person and subject, hone worked out and shown in the form of a graph of desired 12 months period.


It included date, notwegisch and place longitude- latitude of birth; happenings in different subjects in their life with dates, and whether actual effects afterwards from these happenings caused happiness or unhappiness. Most people cannot remain without gambling every day. If you ask the same questions to 10 different astrologers then answer will not be same.

Method of Getting Graph Pair report from us For this, you will have to send us some particulars including your birth data and numbers of the subjects from the list as below.

Other subjects closely related to it are secondary. It is not that any work is to be left out permanently or not to be done; same is to be done in next favorable period of graph. For this we collected data of about persons of age 40 years or more. Haji Khatib Kai In twelve months, the loss can be several thousand, or hundreds of thousands. Method of avoiding it, and unnecessary mental stress due to it is given below i.

But he does not ask it separately, asimil is unspoken. It ohnd not on any one alone, so it is better that graph reports of both are used. They came to me with a doubt saying, Sir, the gain should have been Rs. A group of persons kept detailed records for one year and checked at the end of the year. Fuel Cell Mhe Cost Documents. They wrote down the gains from all the jobs done in favorable periods. When your turn comes, he will mostly answer your question only verbally.

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