Complete walkthrough with solutions to the Assorted Nasties mission in The Secret World / TSW. Title, Assorted Nasties. Author, David Harber. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Desert Publications, ISBN, , Length, pages. Buy a cheap copy of Assorted Nasties book by Warren Smith. Book by Harber, David Free shipping over $

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Symptoms and progression of the illness are remarkably similar to amyotropic lateral sclerosis Lou Gehrig’s disease. This causes depression of the CNS and quick death.

Epsom salts, and water. Any significant increase in weightcould cause excessive chamber pressure to develop. This prevents the tip of the striker from resting directly on the primer and acts as a safety.


Careful study of this nnasties, with a little lab practice, can teach anyone of average intelligence to perform the tech- niques necessary for all but the most complex chemi- cal synthesis. They contain a mixture of the toxins amanitin, phalloidin, and phalloin. Use one of these as your guide.

Scrape the rust off of any old iron or steel object. Ricin is insoluble in normal water solutions, but combines well with slightly acidic water or lemon juice. If the specific gravity is not correct, repeat the gas generation step until it is. They should be of the same diameter as the interior of the projector body.


The primary danger is from skm contact or ingestion, though it is very toxic as an aerosol. NOTE – Glasers use a light bullet driven at high velocity.

Full text of “Assorted nasties”

Cap the jar and shake until the chemicals are well mixed Be sure to wear rubber gloves and a good dust mask. Type 1 Field grade – Using acetone, table salt. If so, repeat step 3 until a fine dry powder is produced.

Some models require sev- eral pulls of the trigger or other manipulations before delivery begins. Place several in assortrd bag made of coarse cloth and place over several layers of newspaper on a bench top or concrete floor. Be careful not to contaminate the media with any other organisms.

Handle only in a sealed glove box asorted decon- tamination apparatus. Richard marked it as to-read Feb 07, The water solution is filtered and added to a separatory funnel with an equal amount of chloro- form. Be sure to carry it out at low tem- lerature. It is now ready to fire. The latter is the route we will take.

Assorted Nasties

A number of items may be used as crucibles, such as a short length of steel pipe with cap, an old oil filter housing, or a small cast iron skillet. If adsorted, discard the powder and proceed to stop 5. The result is the now legendary “Devil’s Diary”. The bore is chamfered to msure easy loading of the projectile.


This is the only safe way to handle H. The jacket is ser- rated around the top by filing teeth-like grooves in it.

Make sure that they do not touch each other. May also be ignited by a few drops of concentrated sulfuric add. Cyanide has one strong advantage over the others, however – when used in a moderately large dose as listed above they 31 Cyanides Assorted Nasties have an awesome knockdown speed. An equimolar quantity of inopropanol MW Diana marked it as to-read Aug 13, It was a special favorite of the great Renaissance poisoners of the Venetian school.

Open Preview See a Problem? If a victim is known to have eaten wild mushrooms, it makes their job a lot easier. The yarn may then be soaked in liquid or paste toxin. Colchicine is at least 5 times as deadly as cyanide. Solutions of solid toxins also as aconitine or colchicine i.

You can sea up the loading port after filling, but any other leakage is totally unacceptable. Upon impact, the capsule “bursts and the toxin is ground into the wound by the serrations in the j acket.

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