Whirlpool Fl User Manual GRASSLIN – Talento Digital Timer Switch (User’s Guide in English) GRASSLIN – QE1 Towerchron Temperature. 98 Evagrius, 81 Eudaimom, 85 Eunapius, 73 Eunomius, Eusebius Pamphilus, 35, 37, 80 Eustathius, (Ep. Winton) G astrell, Bp. 40 Gataker, Tho. Astrell – Télécommande 10 canaux pour 85/ / / / 50/ 70 : : Tools & Home Improvement.

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Hourly weather

Alecto WS – New Device: For all up-and-over or sectional garage doors. For up-and-over doors max.

CA2B9 electronic card for kg sliding gates Ref: SWD2S electronic card Ref: Solar power kit Ref: New Products I can motorise my gates and doors. CC enable pin 7 to ground for: Pivoting arm motor drive kit for swing gates Ref: Pivoting arm motor drive kit Ref: WH2A temperature sensors – New Device: AlectoV4 Astrell packets contained an invalid temperature – Fixed: AlectoV3 Humidity value validation – Fixed: Z motor drive for garage doors Asstrell Improved SA33 detection – Fixed: This automated swing gate is supplied with 12V.


To motorise 20 kg wooden rolling shutters with a surface area of 1. To motorise 70 kg aluminium rolling shutters with a surface area of 9 m2. Kit supplied with 4m rack additional rack optional, ref. Wired wall remote control Ref: The ORANE swing gate motor drive is intended for swing gates with gate leaves no heavier than kg and with a maximum size of 2.

Astrll zero humidity value – Fixed: Garage door motor drive Ref: Doorman doorbell Receive only!

Our services – Avidsen | Entreprise innovante française

Wireless wall remote control for rolling shutters and blinds Ref: Garden lighting controller Ref: For sliding gates This motor drive is perfectly suited to large or heavy gates made of any material, and is the ideal solution to simplify your day-to-day life while making your property more secure. To motorise 20 kg aluminium rolling shutters with a surface area of 2.

For all types of gate wood, iron, aluminium and PVC of 8m and kg max. Acurite 5in1 corrected wind speed, wind direction and rainfall values Thanks: Gate opening to the left or to the right.


MP-PA telescopic drive kit Ref: Byron BYE Receive only! As the electronic card is no longer available for sale, we propose ordering the SWD2S model instead, which will be compatible with your motorised gate system.

For all types of door wood, iron, aluminium and PVC2. Compatible with automatic openers:

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