Obabakoak. Bernardo Atxaga, Author, Margaret Jull Costa, Translator Pantheon Books $22 (p) ISBN Obabakoak is a shimmering, mercurial novel about life in Obaba, a remote, exotic Basque village. A schoolboy’s mining engineer father tricks him into growing. The British press in particular praised Atxaga, writing that Obabakoak was “an exciting intellectual event” (cf. Pavey) and a “brilliant novel, full of life” (cf.

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The objectivity expected from a third-person narrative is put into question by the closeness with which the reader is made to experience Irene’s feelings. Of the four reviews I analyzed for the purpose of this study, most expressed surprise at the novel.

It could be said that the lack of reviews and articles was later remedied, to an extent, by the many interviews of Atxaga that appeared in Basque newspapers and magazines cf. Series by Bernardo Atxaga. Want to Read saving…. Cameron, Manera, Steenmeijeror Dickens and Tolstoy cf.

Obabakoak. Bernardo Atxaga

The British press in particular praised Atxaga, writing that Obabakoak atxagz “an exciting intellectual event” cf. Obabakoak Dituria Albania – Both editions were reviewed in newspapers as important as Die Zeit or Frankfurter Rundschauand in them, Atxaga’s novel was compared to Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World because of its philosophical background. In most of the reviews published in Basque, obbakoak describing the plot, the critics listed the narrative strategies the narrator had made use of.

Obabakoak Zmora Bitan Publishers Israel – Some critics analyzed Obabakoak ‘s peculiarities more in depth in academic books. Diane – Trekker Dec 23, Punto de lectura Castellano – Apart from the general praise mentioned above, the other aspect that the critics remarked upon was the book’s originality. In Spain the reviews were equally obaabakoak.


An analysis of the reception of Atxaga’s works will serve to prove this author’s high status among different types of readers. Other titles were very clear in their praise: The book received many very good reviews, of which I would highlight the following: Obabakoak Inostrannaya Literatura Russia – He also pointed out that he had needed to read the text twice to realize the philosophical dimensions of the novel.

The surprise caused by the fact that the book was written in a language of pre-indo-European origin that was spoken by such a small number of people was reflected in many of the titles heading the articles: Calzean – Frequent Flyer. Obabakoak Aylak Adam Turkiye – With reference to this, he highlighted the text’s “Warholism” – in other words, the original combination of French and Basque Spanish in the translation in Sister Bernardette’s speech.

The Lone Woman is another example of a novel structured around a single character. Byblos Castellano – Pages: Refresh and try again.

Obabakoak – Wikipedia

In his opinion, there were too many prejudices among Basque readers and a book aimed at “young readers” was at a disadvantage with the traditional “books for grown-ups”.

Dost Kitabevi Turkey – The green, lush landscape described in the novel was another attractive aspect of the book in Cobo’s opinion. A contributing factor to this was probably the careful translation that the historian Professor Ludger Mees, from the University of the Basque Country, did of the original Basque text, and the beautiful edition with which Albertliner Verlag launched the novel. Aribil highlighted the book’s poetry and tenderness.


The international reception of Bernardo Atxaga’s works

Tammi Publishers Suomi – Augustine, and the narrative devices such as interior monologue. He understands the nature of storytelling and is at once terribly moving and wildly funny. Bi anai Two Brothersfrench edition, Deux freres.

In the Salon du Livre ofthe French critics Vitoux and Caccia expressed their atxaa at Atxaga’s style, and stressed the exoticism of the book. Libra Universalia Romania – Translation: From these critics’ point of view Obabakoak proposed a literary journey from the particular – the Basque Country – to the universal.

During these interviews Atxaga criticized the excessive political romanticism, which, in his opinion, was predominant in the attitudes of nationalist politicians in atxagw Basque Country cf.

Vintage UK – British critics also echoed the praise for originality, but they argued that Atxaga’s writing followed the current literary tendencies in European writing cf. Another German critic, Kaiserpointed out that the references to the Spanish Civil War might be lost on German readers.

Calzean – Frequent Flyer 56 81 Nov 27, Christian Bourgois Editeur France – Some stand out among these: Quetzal Editores Portugal – Obabakoak Punto de lectura Castellano – Obabakoak Editoria del Norte Asturianu – Here Hopkin is referring to the effect of the sparseness of the prose, which invites the perception that what is being suggested, what is left “outside” the text, is more important than what is left in.

Obabakoak Quetzal Editores Portugal –

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