Autoduel Quarterly #4/2 – Autoduel Quarterly Issue 4/2 was published in the summer of The issue featured Designer’s Notes for the new. Autoduel Quarterly. Vol. 9, No. 1 – Spring HTMLized by Michael Panitz. Contents. Rules and Regulations for AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Combat. The Driver’s Seat. By Scott D. Haring. I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?” Actually, it’s been three months. time flies when.

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Common scenarios included making it successfully through a harrowing gauntlet and competition in an arena to win a virtual cash prize with which to upgrade their cars. Redesigned for a new audience, it was called version 5.

Autoduel Quarterly #3/1

In this future, technology has allowed for new vehicle designs, miniaturized ajtoduel systems, and replacements for internal combustion engines. Players do not roll for initiative which is common in other combat games, instead, each phase, a vehicle moves a number of inches determined by the vehicle’s speed and players may fire weapons on any phase as long as they have line-of-sight with a target of their choosing.

Archived from the original on The more maneuvers one attempts in a turn and the more difficult they are, the more likely it is that a player’s car will skid or crash.

But that’s not good enough for some. Ford wrote an excellent piece of fiction called “Alkahest – the Deathtoll Solution,” which featured super-powered mutants, people masquerading as super-powered mutants, and a bunch of neat new gadgets – X-Ray lasers, booster jets for quick acceleration and jumping, a cheaper automotive stealth system, and other things.

There were also a series of six gamebooks based in the Car Wars universe, where a player could make choices for the protagonist to affect the outcome of the story.


All action in Car Wars is simultaneous. So be an individual. Some would argue that the rules we write take special care to insure game balance, and that rules and gadgets dreamed up by the players out there are less likely to do that. Views Read Edit View history. Car Wars was first published in a small ziplock-bag format in[2] and cited Alan Dean Foster ‘s short story, ” Why Johnny Can’t Speed “, as a primary inspiration. Just two issues back, John M.

Local clubs could also pay a yearly membership fee to be considered “official. In VictorMaxx technologies announced plans for a series of gaming centers based on Car Warswith a prototype site to debut in Chicago in The Card Game Capsule Review “. Subscribers would receive a bonus in the form of an extra cutout or cartoon on the protective mailing cover.

Following famine in various parts of the world, there are limited nuclear exchanges between the USSR and the US, but anti-missile systems limit the resulting damage. In addition to the spin-off video game, Epic Comics published Car Warriorsa four-issue comic book mini-series set in the Car Wars world.

As the game became more popular, there were a series of increasingly more expensive and elaborate editions.

The game won the Charles S. Typically, a game is over after a few autoeuel, which represents a battle being over in a few seconds of real time, but because every action in the game must be resolved a typical game takes a few hours to play. It’s out to the AADA chapter clubs now for playtest; once we get it back, there’s sure to be some changes we’ll want to make.

Imagine quargerly compact with a turreted Vulcan and a ramplate, capable of mph We’ll continue to put out magazines and supplements full of great ideas for Car Warsbut it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to use them.

  B&K 8305 PDF

Other new gadgets and rules must be specifically listed as “official” before they will be allowed. I put the finishing touches on Dueltrackour big gasoline-engines-and metal-armor, racing-and-mayhem supplement for Car Wars.

Autoduel Quarterly

We will continue to make the differentiation between official and unofficial rules because, in come cases, uatoduel important. The game’s popularity waned during the s, and in response to slipping sales, Steve Jackson Games ceased support for Car Wars. It was started by Steve Jackson Games who supported the club with a quarterly magazine called Autoduel Quarterly. Game evolution at work!

Autoduel Quarterly | Periodical | RPGGeek

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’m reminded of the scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian where Brian is trying to convince the multitude parked outside his house not to follow him. AI Game Engine Programming.

After these wars, there are years of worldwide economic crisis, and related global unrest, during which “death sports” become a popular form of entertainment. World Championships were held each year at the Origins Game Fair. Reviewer Shannon Appelcline said of the 2nd edition game “It’s based on a fun concept–blowing the heck out of each others cars’–the box design is appealing, and there’s a matching Battle Cattle game that’s compatible.

Additional gadgets published in the Uncle Albert Catalogs, and the Uncle Albert and other gadget company ads of issues of Autoduel Quarterly published since the catalogs, are also official.

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