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But, a nation l more than just its economy. A ready example of how this relationship works is to be found in modern corporations whose shareholders are responsible for the most fundamental decisions but which are run by organizations of professional managers who must report to the shareholders committee but who otherwise run the corporations day to day acitvity with a great deal of autonomy, Of course here Im making short shrift of these ideas because of spatial constraints and my difficulties in expressing difficult to grasp ideas.

Just asking… Imagine your neighbors making candid comments about yourself or your family. December 31, at I am impress on how well you describe us. You need a meritocratic system to wheedle out the florid tongued incompetent and megalomaniacs and identify those with the personal wherewithal to deserve rising to positions of authority. Very nice summary of your experience.

So sad some of this things are not always good fapriles our own sake for example, the part of not taking ouserlves seriously. Se te olvido la deshonestidad y el irrespeto por las leyes e instituciones, ademas de la viveza criolla. Waiting for people, waiting in the bank, waiting in traffic, waiting, waiting and waiting.

It is like in Dungeons and Dragons http: The comments on this blog is a good example, thank you! Immortal characters of children’s literature in this country. Open debate and open grilling like in the Things of Germanic societies since well before the Romans came in http: I look forward to reading further posts.


Esta chica no habla mal de Venezuela, ella comenta lo que vio y vivio. Great post, just a thing: I have enjoyed every bit of my stay in Venezuela and declare that venezoano Venezuelan people are the most friedly people on earth. Only the articles that are chevere get published.

This is visible everywhere, Venezuelans are entrepreneurs. But yes, I love my chaotic happy country. Venezuelan people suffer daily a lot of things that are unknown to the average Norwegian, at the same time a Norwegian suffer for things that are unknown to the average Venezuelan since we both are in different worlds.

Syd, respectfully, I believe this is another example of lambasting impeding sense: I do however think we have 2 good role models — people who are willing picagdia risk their own welfares to stand on principle…. So my critic is about not going to the next stage of analysis and try to question not only how Venezuelans are ipcardia WHY they are like that.

Imagine if we vejezolano more quality of life… Thanks for having taken the time to write about us.

El complejo del dinero

There is hardly a conversation where politics are not mentioned. They are not just written stories with morals, they can also d write to a country.

I just stumble upon this post through Facebook and got to say i definetely caprilez it. As people was veenezolano consulted about the stablishment of that policy, a very bad one btw, people cannot be blamed for stay into the margins and law framework.

I am not proud of the system and goverment we have right now…. He can call Paulie. I would like to thank you for the real description of my people, we are just like you explained.

Your talents know no limits, you are inventing economics now. Regardless of your personal insecurities, this is not a sect where you fulfil these desires. It is very emotive to know that a foreigner has this point of view about us. Jeg er imponert…hvordan har du beskrivet os. And yes, a Higher Power will venezolajo, but it is necessary to want to be helped and take the steps necessary to make things happen. The paying picsrdia taxes by the citizens does provide a level of accountability that does not exist in Venezuela today.


You are loved and welcome any time Thank you for the nice blog God bless you Guillermo Guevara. The opposition in Venezuela might learn a lesson about that. I have to say I was rather embarrassed when my friends were teaching me piardia dance at a bar where there were no other people dancing, but now I dance wherever I hear music.

Axep from my place will apply to picaddia the dollar then postpone the school till next year. Return to Book Page. I find it less than charming that all Venezuelans are lumped as one happy-go lucky, disorganized, irresponsible and shallow people who conform to a less than perfect country and sing and dance to every occasion as if we were some african tribe celebrating a passage of rites.

Just a perfect description of the venezuelan culture… Lol Thanks for this good post.

Sobremesa Chronicles | Caracas Chronicles

You are what you show and wear. I do agree the article is candid and written out of very good will, I believe I mentioned that. The resemblance is almost surreal. Thank you for reminding me the good stuff of my country. I laugh so hard.

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