20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Thought id start a. The aim for this project is to study and learn the working principle of John C. Bedini’s Simple School Girl (SSG) Energizer. John C. Bedini had released the. I think John Bedini has the solution to “tap” into it, as well as others. so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

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The magnets, Ceramic 8, are just shy of 3 widths apart. Originally Posted by Stephen Brown. Follow the link down my channel and some of the Solid State videos I still use the north side of the coil, but it is reversed from the other two which means the current flow is geometrically reversed from the other 2 coils. Nor do I want to. His name is Romero and he has his own forum if you are interested in learning more.

Litz preserves trigger on trigger coil but detriment to radiant on charge coils. I would hope that our leaders would have as much sense as the ones in the turn of the 20th century when gasoline was discovered to be a manageable source of energy. If a new energy source was discovered, there would simply be a repositioning of the tax base.

Lindemann had just recently published “Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity” and Harwood had just reproduced the Adams motor from scrap parts.

20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. It is pretty simple, once one gets the hang of the basic idea. If this were even remotely simple, everybody would be doing it. My rig is already asymetrical, as far as coil placement, timing and winding polarity. Oh, but he did! We need only make the del-phi in correct fashion and synchronize it; specifically, we must not release the hose nozzles bedihi utilize to produce our del-phi river or waves.


In other words, the system is now self-regulating. I’m eager to hear ANY results. Good luck – Shin. So, there is something here for everyone at all levels.

Behind the vagueness about some ‘hidden secrets’ to get OU stands something that has to do with the ‘truth that can not be told’. Don’t use gel-cells, they are crap. John has showed us how this energy can be captured and stored in a capacitor or a battery and then used to power a normal load. I do not believe this would cause a degradation of tax income for the governments of the world.

Bedini Motor Kit homepage: An aluminium or skyway bike wheel, the bigger the better. John K, Thanks for your input. This can be that distraction.

The time now is Here is a solid state Bedini i built years ago and its still my best preformer very close to 1 to 1 i just want to talk with like minded people as i feel a bit on my own at the moment no one doses this stuff where i live i read all day yesterday on this forumgreat advancements going on and i love hearing your advice John if you read this i hate normal textbook stuff the energizer im showing is the SSG circuit triggered by a motor controller and is pulse adjustable.


We will not control the power of the oneness before we see the oneness in creation and live our lifes in this way. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well.

The resistances was adjusted, for this test, to balance the impedance differences of the coils. After reading this thread i would like to add some thoughts, not leading to an answer to your question but maybe to an answer why there is no answer.

John Bedini Energizers 1

The timing bdini perfect. Primary battery should be a Enrrgizer flooded lead acid battery that is big enough to run at the C20 rate. That was always a mystery for me but now I’m sure we are paying for waste, the real energy is returning backbut is not reused or is it? I refuse to chase the next “shiny object” until I have exhausted all possibilities of usable power amplification with this unit.

We’re really about to figure this stuff out. Find all posts by alvarohn.

Bedini Energizer Kits Available!

But that bad boy charges like crazy. Better efficiencies but still no OU. Each one has its own unique serial number with the Bedini logo engraved.

It’s the approach from matter to spirit, wich is slow, boring and paved by nessesary mistakes. I have built the SG instead of the Window unit as Energizet believe it is a more scalable model. Originally Posted by Leviathan.

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