Warm, humorous, and smoothly readable story of three girls who’ve been friends forever. Nina, Avery, and Mel are the “Bermudez Triangle”. THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE. Maureen Johnson, Author. Penguin/Razorbill $ (p) ISBN Biphobia and The Bermudez Triangle: An Open Letter to Maureen Johnson jcatgrl: “ Dear Maureen, When my mother got me The Bermudez.

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I love this book’s premise so, so, so very much. Its a book that has shown reality in the most realistic way possible! Nina, Avery and Mel have been friends forever. As Nina works to maintain her tumultous long-distance romance — and as Mel and Avery navigate their own unexpected relationship, through friendship to enemies to back again — the Bermudez Triangle finds themselves stumbling toward adulthood, falling in and out of love, enlarging their circle of friends, and rethinking maurene values, in this warm and humorous tale of friendship.

And maybe I screwed the whole thing up, but I certainly tried. Buy the Audiobook Download: The rabbit hops around for a while and then disappears.

Nina goes away for the summer to attend a pre-college camp and falls in love. And Nina said ok. The Bermudez Triangle I refuse to ackowledge its johnwon title follows Nina, Avery, and Mel, who have been best friends since they were small children.


Seven Trees of Stone. What is going on? View all 6 comments. It is the summer before their senior year in Saratoga Springs, NY. Ashes in the Snow Movie Tie-In. He’s quirky and weird and nice. When Nina Bermudez goes attends a college study program during the summer, her best friends and the other two sides of the triangle I wanted to say “titular triangle” there, but I thought, given the whole banning thing, I’d better notAvery and Melanie don’t know how they’re going to manage without her.


I went into that book only wanting to make something good. She now lives and writes bermurez New York City. So I was going to just say that, and then link over to the fantastic, amazing video rebuttal Maureen Johnson made for YouTube this summer when this flared up again in Florida.

Its tradition for them to go to Chuck E. I jobnson it dearly, and you must trust me when I say that I have exacting standards honed by large quantities of novel-length slashfic.

Mar 12, Collin rated it liked it. Shine of the Silver Dragon: Dec 16, Lizzie rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 02, Oda Renate rated it it was ok Shelves: Maureen Johnson used to be “an author I really want to check out.

But makes me never want to wait tables, especially not at this TGI Friday’s type restaurant that the girls work at. Mel identifies as a lesbian, while Avery refuses to pick any label. Their friendship is rocked by what feels like the ultimate challenge.

Looking for trianyle books?

The Bermudez Triangle : Maureen Johnson :

I will also tell you that I will tighten my thinking cap when it comes to my bisexual characters. It’s not easy for any of them, but in the end they work their way through it. The novel bermudze on the relationships, not the outside view of them, and that’s how it should be. Be the first to discover new talent!


They used to spend a bazillion hours a day together, but that can be super-weird when you date. And then on top mmaureen that she’s representing bisexuals too! They have to cross the friend-girlfriend divide, and not johnsoon survives the crossing. The real world of course doesn’t always h This is the book I wanted to read from Maureen Johnson; it’s the story of Nina and her two best friends, Mel and Avery — when Nina spends the summer johnsoh a pre-college program, Mel and Avery fall in love.


Parker was always there to listen to her problems, hang out with her, they had fun together, he was really loyal to her, and he stayed with her and did what she wanted as a not-boyfriend even though he REALLY liked her without crossing any lines.

She has heterosexual privilege since her relationship with Mel represents her lesbian phase. Whatever you TOOK from the book is valid, but it does sadden me deeply that that is what you got.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Jan 17, Meredith rated it liked it Shelves: Notes for a Bi Revolutionwhich I’m currently reading alongside other books. Mel’s mom’s reaction to finding out Mel is gay is a great example of this; she points out all the ways this is going to “ruin” Mel’s life.

Of all of Maureen Johnson’s books, this sounded like the most appealing to me, but I will likely read more. Quotes from The Bermudez Tria Nina is busy with all her school and extracurricular commitments, and Mel is left to fend for herself.

None of them are. The characters were truly unique, and I say that a lot but in this book Triabgle really mean it! But that may be just my point of view.

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