The BT is a highly sensitive Doppler monitor that offers a clean, clear sound from its small, compact size and comes with its own carrying case. If you have. S: BTS Sound Only, 2MHz, L: BTL Mono LCD, 2MHz. T: BTT Mono LCD, 3MHz, C: BTC Color OLED, 2MHZ. Functional Characteristics. Download product documentation guide ยท Bistos, , BT Operation Manual BT Operation Manual.

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We are also a accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Ultrasound gel use is integral on cutting down on much of the static produced when positioning the fetal dopplers trasducer during an exam. The probe should then be angled slowly in search for the fetal heart rate.

Compact and light, the Hi-Bebe offers an ergonomic- design, a large display with a clean, clear sound. Write a review about this product!

Bt-200 What is a fetal doppler? View Cart Contact Us Sitemap. The new Hi Bebe BT hand held fetal heart rate monitor has been designed to be small and lightweight, yet robust, making it ideal for midwives, doctors and of course, pregnant women. What’s the difference between a 2MHz and 3MHz fetal doppler probe?

Electronic Fetal Monitoring This is an ultrasound device used during labor and birth, or during certain testing non-stress test, contraction stress test, etc.

Each fetal heart monitor uses a transducer or probe of varying MGHZ millions of cycles per secondusually 2 or 3, containing piezoelectric crystals which send short sound pulses into the directed area of the body. Where as an average adult heart rate at rest is between BPM. The Food and Drug Administration regulates ultrasound bists the United States and has cleared it for “continuous use”. Shane Balkowitsch is a Registered Nurse and manages all medical, health and wellness related product lines.


Wet Plate Collodian Ultrasound gel is specially formulated to act as a coupling agent and reduce static that is often caused when using a fetal doppler. Aqua Sun Ozone International.

This is considered the normal range of a fetal bisto rate. The fetal heart doppler is a non-invasive diagnostic instrument used to detect and measure the fetal heart rate.


If you don’t find the heartbeat in this period of time, take a break. For complete details please see our Return Policy link on our Sitemap page.

Fetal Dopplers For Home Use. Since then we have grown into a multi-million dollar a year retail and online company and represent some of the finest product lines available. How often can I use my fetal doppler? Try to keep from dragging the probe around as it will only increase static and make it more difficult to find the heartbeat FAQ Main.

What is a fetal doppler? Big Sky Gun Racks. A fetal doppler is one type of fetal monitoring. When the fetal doppler probe is moved on the abdomen, louder popping noises may result.

Find Us Bf-200 Enterprises Inc. When in fact after 12 weeks gestation either probe is easy to find the heartbeat with. As a general rule an exam with a fetal doppler should never last longer than 10 minutes.


Vascular doppler BTV – BISTOS – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Maternal Sounds You may also hear sounds of your own heart or blood flow. Part vistos the argument for the 3mghz probe enabling easier detection of the heartbeat comes from the belief that because the higher frequency probe has a wider bistls the heartbeat is easier to find. If your concerned contact your health care provider.

This handy portable fetal doppler detects the fetal heart rate quickly from about weeks through labor, and it’s safe and simple to use. This is also used during labor and birth, however, it bbistos not used intermittently. This is called the Doppler Effect and was discovered by Austrian mathematician and physicist, Christian Doppler Use only ultrasound gel FAQ Main.

Sometimes, the movements of your baby in later pregnancy also produce louder noises. This handy portable fetal doppler detects the fetal heart rate quickly from about weeks through labor, and its safe and simple to use. As your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows the heart rate will become more static.

Bietos fetal heart doppler measures the fetal heart rate by emitting and receiving continuous ultrasonic sound waves and emitting the change or shift in pitch frequency of these sound waves.

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