Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of The Blaylock Wellness Report newsletter, is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health. Dr. Russell Blaylock, in The Blaylock Wellness Report, talks about the dangers of arthritis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, its effects on health. How to Confront Arthritis Head-On Without Using Strong Anti-Inflammatory Drugs you can count on Dr. Blaylock and The Blaylock Wellness Report to provide.

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I would add silymarin blayloc, a special form called Siliphos, also made by Pure Encapsulation Company. A recently reported study demonstrated that removing MSG and excitotoxins from the diet cured a number of long-term, resistant cases. Do this for about 10 reps to start, and work up to 20 or 30 after that.

Safer Arthritis Treatments

Fetal origins hypothesis wikipedialookup. The dose is three capsules twice a day on an empty stomach.

Epidemiology wikipedialookup. Vitamin D3 is also a powerful antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal, arthritls it suppresses many tumors, especially brain tumors.

I want to take as many antioxidants as possible but am concerned that I might be thinning my blood too much. Blaylock by clicking here.

Blaylock Wellness Report Arthritis: Confronting Chronic Joint Pain Quick Facts – health and fitness

Rights of reproduction and distribution of this newsletter are reserved. It not only slashes free radicals but blocks the qellness of inflammatory cytokines as well.

As we age, many of our muscles begin to atrophy from lack of use. Aug Extend Your Life: During my medical training, we were taught that there were two basic types of arthritis — inflammatory and degenerative.

Wellneess, Moneynews, Newsmax Health, and Independent. Supplementing with magnesium reduces inflammation and pain, and improves mobility. Of course, I combined the antibiotic with nutritional treatment. And they wonder why children get meningitis. Disease wikipedialookup.


While this is logical, it is not entirely correct. In the early stages of the disease, inflammatory chemicals cytokines were seen to accumulate in the affected joints, and over time the inflammation seemed to burn itself out.

The primary site of damage is the cartilage of the joint. But newer studies indicate that many of the changes seen in these joints resemble other forms of inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The real concern was the finding that those who took statin drugs over two years dramatically increased their risk. As we have seen with a number of diseases — obesity especially abdominal obesity is strongly associated with inflammation, because special arthrtis cells in abdominal fat secrete powerful inflammatory chemicals cytokines, C-reactive protein, and Page 3 leptins.

They also severely deplete magnesium, which makes the disease worse. Syndemic wikipedialookup. June The Blaylock Wellness Report offers these informative reports on a variety of topics. July The Blaylock Wellness Report Page 11 Please note that this advice is generic and not specific to any individual.

For example, we know blayloc, one of the early symptoms of fluoride toxicity is widespread joint pain. Aug Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous One such analysis found that the presence of these crystals made symptoms worse and enhanced joint destruction by increasing inflammation. Fish oils and borage oil will keep the joints lubricated and prevent inflammation.

Without cartilage, the ends of the bones begin to rub against each other, causing those near the joint to deteriorate as well. I would limit intake to two capsules a day with meals. A number of studies have shown that sharing toys and pacifiers in daycare centers is a leading cause of hemophilis influenza meningitis epidemics.

Special Supplements to Reduce Inflammation Below I will discuss special plant extracts and vitamins that can reduce inflammation and free radicals within the joint. But taking too much can produce a mucous-like diarrhea. Most had made the rounds, seeing a number of ear-nose-and-throat specialists ENTs with little blayloci.


Instead of commonsense hygiene, we vaccinate every child. The dose is two capsules twice a day.

It also causes the bones to produce a buildup of calcium deposits known as bone spurs osteophyteswhich can jab or puncture ligaments, muscles and nerves, causing even more pain and disability.

May The Diabetes Solution The dose is 1, IU a day. Vitamin D-3 is important, especially should this turn out to be MS, since it has been shown to reduce inflammation of nerves and nerve pathways. My ENT friends are mostly unaware of this connection and often fail to diagnose it. All inflammatory arthritis problems arise from the activation of a special inflammation signal molecule in cartilage cells called NFkappaB, or NFKB. DHA a component of omega-3 fish oilsis also critical for nerve and spinal cord repair.

Several studies have determined that five injections over a week brought rapid relief of pain and lasted about six months or more. High iron levels were found in the damaged joints of osteoarthritis sufferers.

In fact, a new study that examined a large number of people taking various statin drugs found that risk of developing a peripheral neuropathy increased from four to 14 times. I was intrigued by this finding, and with July the aid of a friend of mine who was an infectious disease physician, I treated a patient with the severe, uncontrollable disease.

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