With a flow capacity of up to m3/min at a head of up to 9 m, the Grundfos KPL axial-flow propeller pump is ideal for flood control as well as other applications. Grundfos SL wastewater pumps in a PUST pumping station. Wastewater and IE3 . SL kW bombas sumergibles de aguas residuales. Bombas SL. Grundfos has a global presence and is a full range supplier within pumps for heating, air conditioning, irrigation, industry, groundwater, boosting and water.

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The new Grundfos SBA is a complete unit and all-in-one. Gruncfos energy efficiency index EEI of the pump is calculated according to an annual load profile and the pump is labelled according to its energy efficiency.

Grundfos SE pump mounted on auto-coupling assembly.

Bombas TP TPE TPED TPE2 TPE3 In-Line Circular Grundfos

Over the past decade a substantial effort has been put into harmonising the different test and classification standards around the globe, and the subsequent labelling schemes in use. By introducing energy labelling, the end user can compare products and specify the most appropriate pump, or pumps, for the installation.

For optimum results, contact Grundfos during your planning stages; that allows us to consider aspects such as pumping station design, pump selection, future requirements, and the total life cycle costs. Wastewater pumps will typically use a double mechanical seal arrangement to prevent leakage of the pumped grunvfos into the motor. Pumped by the Sun How a pump maker led the solar water systems push.

Grundfos offers approach to missing IE3 wastewater class

Rotating electrical machines — Part The other indirect method involves measuring the input power and calculating the total losses by measuring and adding individual loss components. Each Sumetgibles pump is individually engineered to suit your requirements, ensuring cost-efficient performance.


Pump manufacturers who claim that their wastewater pumps are IE3 compliant are guilty of misleading consultants and end users. Are you ready to connect to the future of intelligent pump systems? Service Find information on the Grundfos service offerings Service information.

Providing the highest levels of total energy efficiency across all its wastewater pumps is the Sumerginles objective. The range SBA includes protection against course in dry integrated since they are available with switch of level for small cuttings of water.

Bombas In-Line Circular Grundfos

The values and basic ideals of the company, property of the Foundation Poul Due Jensen with headquarters in Bjerringbro Denmarkreflect so much in his products as in the relations with his employees, customers, the society and the environingingment. A technical analysis of IEC motor efficiency standards in wastewater applications. Extranet Easy product ordering. Minimum, easy service Simple pump design ensures lasting, trouble-free bombzs All pumps are individually tested and registered; as a result, the right spare parts can be supplied very efficiently, even after many years.

Applications Built to handle large quantities of raw water, the pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications such as flood and storm water control large-volume drainage and irrigation raw-water intake circulation of large quantities of water, e. Features and benefits Reliability meets excellent value Quality products robust, reliable and cost-effective maximum value for money. If this can be achieved for circulator pumps, then it follows that an internationally recognised energy standard can also be produced for wastewater pumps.

Beneficios Quality products Robust, reliable and cost-effective Maximum value for money. The filter of stainless steel warns that big particles can go in in the body of the bomb and presents an operation without problems in case of cuttings of water. Designing pumping stations the right way.


Besides all the range is manufactured in composite and materials of stainless steel what does him resistant to the corrosion.

Grundfos Presents his new range of pumps sumergibles domestic – Water industry

The model Grundfos SB is a bomb sumergible used for the sumsrgibles of clean water and designed for domestic applications. Intelligent solutions powered by water Are you ready to connect to the future of intelligent pump systems?

What it does not provide is any specific value because the friction losses in a wastewater pump are different from those present in a standard pump and these losses are not taken into account.

The main reason why an efficiency standard has not been introduced to date for wastewater pumps sumergihles be due to the fact that manufacturers, legislation and standard makers see wastewater pump motors as a separate unit and not as a unit integrated in the pump, and therefore they are having difficulties in defining the motor friction losses and efficiency. Standard methods for determining losses and efficiency from tests excluding machines for traction vehicles,which describes methods used to determine motor efficiency.

Grundfos Facts on Pumps and Energy. Get the job done faster and better with quick and direct guidance and support for all phases of your project. It took Jason Johnson less than three minutes to connect a submersible pump, earning him top spot at the Water Pro Championship.

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