Cancionero Rumbero now online. It’s not perfect but it is the best we can do at the moment, and hopefully with your help it will get better. volume; Manuscript. In 77, 79;SPC Note esclavos pg 6 of catalog # 43, 50 Cancionero Rumbero. unpublished, University of Georgia, New York, , Web . Cancionero rumbero. n.d. (accessed October 29, ). Canizares, Raúl. Walking with the Night: The Afro-Cuban World.

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Contributors Barry Philip Pasmanick patricio. I’m also re-posting a profile of Goyo first published here in Users browsing this forum: El as de la rumba.

Bueno, pues ya a coger este fama que ser conocido por la gente en el barrio como rumbero y eso. Like I said, it ain’t perfect. It doesn’t have a record label as cancioneri, but credits Rumbreo, Gema, and Seeco for contributing tracks. I still consider it my favorite. Ta’ contento el pueblo 5. What is there to say?

Confronted with the young composer, the group, to their credit, told Silvestre how he could register his song so he could get composer credits.

Unfortunately besides being hard to see I now notice that you have to be pretty precise when entering your search terms. BTW great vocals on the ‘Rumba by the River’ video.


At home, children used to sing all day long: I always looked forward to your post, because I knew I’d get some more invaluable canvionero.

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Newer Post Rumbrro Post Home. If you click on the title you will see which lyrics from that CD we have already. One of the nice things about having the cancionero online is that it is searchable check the little box in the top left and click “search blog”.

Photo urmbero John Mason’s “Orin Oricha”. After Microsoft bought it, the service features changed for the worst, so I was off the net for about a year or 2 before I broke down and purchased a computer, then I found you guys here at Congaforum, and now I’m back in heaven.

Por primera vez If anyone has any discographic information for these recordings, or knows of any others, we’d greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Cancionerorumbero Blogspot : El Cancionero Rumbero

Uno de los rumberos muy famosos, del barrio nuestro que se llamaba Carlos Noa. Pa’ que yo te llamo?

About This Site Barry Patricio patricio. Tani previously released on 45 as Puchito A 5. Si tu oyes mi coro sonar Coro: Oyelos de nuevo 2. A, a, a E, a E bele bi le bele be Coro: Beside these choral miracles, it contains many vocal duets between Emilio Barretto, many will find his non-traditional interpretations somewhat disturbing and one Amelita Pedroso demonstrating all her skillful and mastered chanting.


El Cancionero Rumbero

Unfortunately, many health problems began to bring Puntilla down, at the beginning of the ‘s. This cd is now completely out of print, even on cahcionero Latitudes website. Yo canto hace tiempo pero nunca quise cantarte mi rumba hasta cierto momento.

The recordings are identical to FMR This is the first I am aware of any overlap of recordings between labels.

He was one of the greats. Thanks to Patricio and Philip for their invaluable and tireless help with this project. I was lucky enough to be there. Puntilla was an inspirationto sooo many people during his time with us.

Puntilla’s role in the rumbero and santero world has always been wide, but he also played a part on the Latin Jazz scene: Saturday, July 16, From the Solar to the Salon: There are a lot more lyrics out there so it would be great if anybody has any to include please feel free to send them in. X, a long out-of-print LP collection recently reissued on CD.

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