King Rat. China Mieville, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Saul is snatched from the authorities by a mysterious savior named King Rat, who claims to be. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of King Rat by China Miéville. This novel is a resplendent supernatural tale moving to the brain rattling pulse of Jungle and Drum ‘n Bass. These musical styles are the natural.

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The best part of the narrative is when the narrator befriends a homeless woman, which is not explained–but the implication, it seems, is that the narrator, for all the supernaturalism of his situation, is a homeless person, consigned to the sewers, rooftops, and other urban interstices. Especially if you enjoy an atmospheric, descriptive book.


And, yes, it is about rats … lots of rats. The first time I read King Rat, I was stuck at an airport overnight, waiting for an early flight. Another mievile another would join in, a cacophony of simultaneous forces of nature, half-musical, half-feral, artificial, commentary, an intruder in the city that shaped it contemptuously, sculpted it…Flute, white noise, snares and bass line, stretching off for a long time, an midville architecture of deserted beats. It is lad lit expressing daddy issues.

Getting on with his ratty self, Saul also reveals a bombshell: It has rats, and filth, and piss, and gruesome raat and overall level of grotesque that made me put this book away a few times just to purge my brain of the images I really did not want to be setting camp there.

I’ve personally only read Looking For Jake by Mieville, a collection of his short stories which I very much enjoyed and highly recommend. Among his arsenal is a secret for Saul: I can just see myself being overtaken by the urge to revisit it, someday I dropped the book and immediately felt better for it! King Rat – UK. Chhina beats provide a beating heart to this book yes, I actually tried to come up with this pun; I’m uncool like that, okay?


Gaiman fans should go read He also succumbs to the seductions of language in ways that don’t always further what he is trying to do, in descriptions such as: He visits Kay but the two no longer understand each other. The radio existed to communicate.

As King Rat takes Saul under his wing, the young man is quickly embroiled in a centuries-old rivalry. King Rat is the king of the rats. It’s a novel of trial-and-error: I don’t think I’ll reread it, either — although, as with Perdido Street Station, I don’t think I’m going to put it on bookmooch either. The weaving in of Drum and Bass music as part of the city was interesting and different, and the Pied Piper was interesting. Very much like a Neil Gaiman urban fantasy, with characters more difficult to care about than Mieville’s later fantasy work, but with hints of his imaginative brilliance nonetheless.

It’s amazing that right after this still unsure and, honestly, not yet great book China Mieville would go on to capture the readers with the flight of fantasy in the filthy New Crobuzon of ‘Perdido Street Station’ – which, if you think about it, is just a quick leap away from the strange beyond-the-surface London of ‘King Rat’.

They both clearly care a great deal about each other but are almost polar opposites and don’t seem to understand each other at all. At one point Saul saves himself and Loplop by deafening the bird superior, making it so the Raf could not control Loplop. That’s what it’s like.

King Rat, a book by China Mieville | Book review

Happily for Saul, a jieville stranger named King Rat breaks our hero out of the pokey and introduces Saul to a very new kind of lifestyle. The characters developed a tad too thinly. Like language in ‘Embassytown’, it’s always present even when it’s not.


Regular readers may recall I pledged to read all of China Mieville’s works and it only seemed right to start at the beginning with his debut “King Rat”.

The revisionist folklore is, Tat suspect, simply the occasion for commentary on the setting. King Rat’s wayward subjects are turning to Saul for leadership, an unthinkable event which kicks the now fearful leader into action.

Saul and King Rat are unsung heroes of the club but they both know they can never be a part of the world they just saved. In these descriptions, I could easily understand the fan base he has acquired. Yet, for all that, you can get the sense of where the author is heading even at this early point.

King Rat by China Miéville

The complaints of the hinges, emaciated with malaise, stretched out long after the door had stopped moving. Saul learns that he is part rat. I finished Perdido Street Station with heartfelt disappointment as what had the hope of being a classic, faded and ended poorly.

Mieville nicely evokes the relationship Saul had with his father: The subject matter is several strands Seems likely that this was inspired by the reading of comic books. It shares all the points of yours and theirs, but none of its properties.

Within all of this and keep in mind, his descriptions work way better than my feeble attemptsI could see brilliance that I am sure is carried over to his other works. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The gruesome scenes that seem to be thrown in jugs for kicks. London features strongly as not just the setting, but a character in its own right. Jan 23, J.

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