But not that long ago Christina Morassi was unrecognizable compared to the star in ascendancy that we see today. Christina often shares pictures of her days as. After working as a healer in Los Angeles, house-sitting and living on $/month, Christina Morassi took a decision to make a big change in. View Christina Morassi [email protected]’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Christina Morassi has 4 jobs listed on their.

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May I invite you to a communal ritual? It was intense and beautiful. Seriously, she never specifies who this crap is supposed to be for.

These people need to understand that having an orgasm is not some divine transformative event. She has built a multi six figure and counting business in just two years.

Over seats sold out to women and a few good men! Where do you even buy something like that? I was wondering the same thing, Kendall Jenner wore something very similar a few years back: Life events took Christina right across the christlna to the West Coast where she immersed herself in the healing arts, learning christona teaching many modalities.

About Christina

Be sure to join our community so you can watch this space! And it’s my mission to help women entrepreneurs unleash more of our natual feminine talents of pleasure and desire to create a new operating system to success. He took ownership and saw. Did anyone play the video all christtina way through?

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I have lived in the Bay Area SF and adjacent my entire life and never had I heard it referred to as The Bay until these woos popped on my radar. I think she was a genius and the Lili Taylor movie is spot on. Infectious like scabies energy in that dance video. I feel like it’s helped me take the quantum leap necessary to grow into the highest version of myself as a mission-based business woman. I feel the earth move under my feet: She sold out her first ever live event to over people from three continents.


How amazing is that? Behold the power of the real queen of seduction! Maybe you can do my makeup for the photoshoot. Because to satisfy it means slipping back into a comfortable pattern of both over-giving and becoming resentful and over-receiving and taking away his power in the process. But it was still just an idea, and I was intimidated by how big the vision was. Why do rich ladies go woo so often? Wait, it gets better: I feel called to the safe container of the kombucha bar tonight.

Christina Morassi | They Call Me Donkey

Christina is allegedly sponsoring a village in Africa! Home About Programs Blog Contact. Some filming is coming up. Again, Shantitown, we knew that you and he were banging. And also this chritina if this has been posted already: Where did you see this? These idiot women exhaust me. I was doing a quick woo look-see on FB and came across a post from Cory Tanner Glazier that morasi a picture of his kid naked and the following caption: Funny she seems to have an issue with him calling it penis posse when she touts pussy posse every chance she crhistina.

I mean, we could make up some way better BS to sell than this hogwash, but I suppose we have a conscience that would get in the way. Sign up below moraassi get your results by taking the Pleasure Makeover Quiz! When the truth is that I am afraid of how much I am attracted to him, and in that attraction, I have not trusted myself to honor my boundaries in relationship with him.


Yes, she did, as well as several other skin-crawling videos in which she slinks about while cooing at the camera. Her personal brand has developed rapidly and she is renowned for her delicious morassj in the stylish, vibrant videos that she stars in and on the stages that she graces.

About Christina – Christina Morassi

I was referring to Morassi. It just requires a functioning brain stem and some basic mechanics. Take the Pleasure Makeover Quiz!

She regularly speaks on stages on both sides of the Atlantic. My favorite Chrkstina was Baghdad by the Bay, though I think he was quoting 19th century journalists. Today Christina is the Ecstatic Brand Mentor who helps women bring together ALL their gifts to attract their ideal high paying clients and sky rocket their business to six figures, just like she did. Means nothing but I wanted them to remember her!

She obviously comes from the school of thought that seduction can only be achieved if you talk like a baby and roll your arms around your body. No, just your low-hangers, some not-fooling-anyone ruching, and some ill-advised crystals.

It’s time to remember and surrender into a business full of ease and flow that is actually in your natural feminine design. I can’t wait to share more with you!

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