Cold Steel – John Styers – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. BOWIES COLDSTEEL. by John Styers America’s deadliest knife-fighting tradition adds a new weapon to the arsenal of the Marine Corps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Every man. COLD STEEL by JOHN STYERS Text prepared by Karl Schuon Photographs by Louis Lowery Foreword A sudden realization of the thorough preparation for.

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Here’s how you’ll hold it: Now take your index finger and attempt to move his blade. A bad throw means a ricocheting styera – and ricocheting blades are treacherous.

Opponent’s groin is a vulnerable target The Feet The broad length of the foot is effective when used as a ram against the opponent’s knee in your foot attack. By spreading the fingers and thrusting for his eyes you have five small projections that can’t miss the target. Knife throwing can be a lot of fun, but it can be a very dangerous pastime.

If the blade is longer, step back a few inches. Although thrown in the manner prescribed on these pages, such items as ice picks, bayonets or letter openers will ea”h demand their proper range. Cold Steel by Styera Styers. Throw point to opponent’s extended hand in attempt to make a hand cut. A Keep yourself out of range of your opponent’s full thrust. Claire marked it as to-read Dec 16, The point first technique.


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Sign up to receive offers and updates: Sign In Register Help Cart. As you spin, the point of steek piece will swing into direct line with your opponent’s attack.

Backstage, the old doorman paused for a last, wistful glance at the darkened house; then he picked up his coat and shuffled through the stage door, locked it for the last time, and stepped sadly into the alley. Begin your practice with the hand so that you may better understand and control the co,d action.

Hock Hochheim’s Combat Talk Forum

With both hands apply thumb pressure to sides of enemy’s windpipe Thumbs and Fingers. Place your fist on your chest, between the left nipple and the center breast bone; this is the location sstyers vour heart which is just about the size of your fist.

Any small item, cigarette lighterstoneor piec of wood will tighten the muscles on the outside edge of the fist. Your enemy is now in a joh or die rage; his only thought is to kill YOU any way he can. The ankle, knee, fingers, wrist, elbow and.

Cold Steel

Right arm is ready to lock left forearm in place. When the hand alone is used, the fingers should be extended and joined; the edge of the hand opposite the thumb becomes the imaginary cutting edge of the knife. He’s got one objective: The blade styeds snapped directly to the target. Fist exploding on his face.

In the 6th picture we can see the classically outstretched arm as Styers’ executes his snap cut. Then, too, there’s always television The Body In learning to assume the guard position, the following steps will stywrs helpful: The right hand grasps small of stock Throw point with M-l.


The “point first” knife throwing frontiersmen and gold rush gamblers are gone these many years, jjohn the old Palace Theater has openedifd its doors again to big time vaudeville; maybe the forgotten art of “end-over-end” knife throwing behind the footlights will have a rebirth. The point of the foot can be driven into your opponent when it is safe to do so, especially when he is down – to the neck, cheat, or joints.

When your beat fails, locked pieces will result. Cup the palm of the hand and uohn it hard against the opponent’s chin By doubling up the first two joints and thrusting, you deliver a more powerful blow than with the fingers extended and joined.

The natural seat of your palm fits perfectly under the chin of an opponent. If your two hands are clear, and his ears are in range, slam both hands over his ears as hard as you can. Keep the point directed at your opponent and thrust the same way as in knife fighting. Following your cut, drop into a position for a short jab.

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