Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi. Translated by Titus Burckhardt. A selection from the Rasa’il al-darqawiyya, an important document among the Sufi . THE first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam, published in , while admitting the importance of the Darqāwī order (see Derkāwā) in Morocco and Algeria. Mawlay al-‘Arabi ad-Darqawi.. letters from the Shaykh to the Fuqara on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I advise all of you, elite and common.

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As for your wife becoming lax about the wird, her Lord has better knowledge of her. This is part of what one must believe. You are in such a state that even your candlestick distracts you. Know that these inner meanings are ever present in the human being and they are as many as there are waves in the ocean. Whoever has not done that ,etters not bereft.

The Messenger of Allah is the guarantor. When his slaveness is sincerely Allah’s, then he is the wali of Allah. It is not with the one who knows a lot and does not act by what he knows.

This is the one who is the gnostic. Once he gave me two warm loaves of bread filled with ghee. We think that what they actually intended by that was for Allah Almighty to show mercy to them because of his love and their dependence on him. We see most of them have many means — in the deen and in this world, dqrqawi yet they are intensely afraid of poverty. Here are the ones meaning the Sufis who have obliterated their selves and plumbed every depth in the oceans of love, So submit to them for what you see of their ardent love, and their dancing and singing at the invocation of the Beloved.

As for the one whose heart is filled up with bad qualities, he does not enjoy election, and he does daqrawi expect to see his Lord — glory be to Him! If you say, “Abandon, go without, be content” very few among the elite of the people of this time will listen to that, not to mention the common people. As for the one whose heart is filled up with love of this world while his limbs are engaged in gathering it up, he has neither knowledge nor action.


Had you abandoned them and occupied yourself with the command of your Lord, your heart would have been freed of its illness. A lot of actions will not be enough for him if he does not have that which we mentioned. We have seen many, however, who keep our company at this time who do not remember Lettwrs Almighty as they remember these two things.

Letters On The Spiritual Path

Part of the teaching which Eltters prefer for one connected to me is that he performs the obligatory prayer and the confirmed Sunna prayers. He, may Allah be pleased with him, is among our pure ones, the sharifs, the people of the House of the Chosen Messenger from whom filth falls away.

It was lack of natural disposition. I also advise you always to keep together and remind one another in your Path throughout your entire lifetime as those before you have done. We provide for you, and the best end result is gained by taqwa.

He demanded, ‘Who told you this? Allah produced many sharifs from him — awliya’, ‘ulama’, amirs, and heroes who resembled the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them. As a means to that, he used the wird which he took from me, and then put on the patched lerters. That was very hard for my self and so difficult that I became terribly constricted by it. You should always burden it with whatever is heavy for it until you kill it since the life of the heart darqasi in killing it as one of the masters said, darqxwi life of the heart is only through killing the self.

When he was young, he was very strong and powerful.

Letters of Shaykh al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi

So you reach Him by what comes from Him to you, not by what goes from you to Him. They said, “Our dates are not doing very well. He is not destroyed.

He did not do wudu’ until all traces of urine had been completely removed and his heart was at rest about it. Then whatever afflictions it encounters would not result in its becoming turbid or changed.

Murid’s Log: The Letters of Moulay al-‘Arabi al-Darqawi

He placed his noble hand on my brow and recited for me what Allah willed. By Allah, their inward and their reality is not like that of other people, even if they have the same form as them. It was in the middle without excess or not doing enough. During this period, he should either pray, recite Qur’an, or do the prayer on the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace — or as much prayer as Allah wills, or as much recitation as Allah wills, or as much of the prayer on the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as Allah wills.


It is the state of divestment since it has great excellence and a clear secret.

My body was covered in many sores when the thought of evil 13 came to my heart. The same thing that had happened with his brother took place. Dropping off the means of arrival is lack of proper balance. Allah strengthened them in it and He annihilated them to themselves in it since the one who is not annihilated in Daqawi does not love Him passionately.

He is not veiled by separation from gatheredness nor from gatheredness by separation. May Allah take you by the hand! He is not veiled by wayfaring suluk from attraction jadhb nor by attraction from wayfaring, and so forth. Darqaei for himself, by Allah, he had gone with those who go and won with those who have won, and the curse of Allah is on the liars. Here is a book for the adept to use. Today we have turned things over on their heads. One is the Dance, called hadra or raqs, and the other is the dhikr or invocation of the Supreme Name.

Then suddenly he slackened — or we could say that he weakened — until he began to fall into conversation like common people. Allah Almighty provides for the slave according to his himma. This was his goal with it. Know that a certain faqir among our brothers, the Banu Zarwal, may Allah rescue them from every misguidance!

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