Buy De Bellis Antiquitatis Version 1st by Phil Barker and Sue Laflin-Barker ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS. INTRODUCTION. These rules derive from an experimental set for battles between Romans and Celts demonstrated by Phil. DBA was the first game in the DBx series, which now includes DBM (a more complex version of DBA), HOTT (a fantasy version), and DBR (a renaissance.

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Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

The width of the base depends upon the scale of figures being used; the depth depends upon both figure scale and type. To resolve combat, each player throws one dice and adds modifiers for both troop type and battlefield situation such as being outflanked or up hill.

Once one gets past the authors’ somewhat tortured English, the rules are easy. Not having a point system, some armies frankly are better and will generally win.

De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA)

Additional terrain types such as gullies, rough going and a range of built up areas to provide more variety. I have 5 in unpainted antiquigatis and have just counted that it’s 32 more to go.

Many of the improvements in the various editions of DBA have been to address geometric concerns and “millimetrics”. Ian Pain 5 hrs. Posted by Greg Kelleher. Each figure represents xntiquitatis unstated number of actual combatants.

Yes, there are some problems in Barkerese, and no, not all eventualities are covered in these rules, but they are very playable nevertheless. Please help improve this article by antiqiitatis citations to reliable sources. There are of course ed other changes, too many to describe here. On a scale of bad to goodI rate DBA an 8. Yes, the movement rules were written in “WRG Gibberish”; But a lot of the problems are players who take the game too seriously.


What is this latest version about and what will it deliver? This useful feature will greatly assist players looking to build armies. The entire army list section has been expanded and while retaining over army lists additional sub-lists are included.

De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) Historical Miniatures Rules

The higher roll wins the combat and results are applied immediately, before the next combat is decided. La Flecha Negra added 4 new photos. At one point, I had. So, umm about yrs to go until done. The front is antiqiitatis 40mm, right? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Below, two armies Greek armies deployed on the table during a refight of the battle of 2nd Mantinea, fought in BC.

The DBA gaming antiquitagis is a flat surface which for 15mm scale figures is typically mm by mm and you will see this sized table, along with my 15mm troops, featured on this site.

Unfortunately, the online version of the game has not been upgraded to fit newer versions of Windows. Fabian Sanchez added 4 new photos.

Basing The width of the base depends upon the scale of figures being used; the depth depends upon both figure scale antiquitaatis type. Join Group settings More. Of particular interest to me was the ability to refight Ancient battles. Despite the changes, and several additions or clarifications, DBA 3.


De Bellis Antiquitatis | Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

Revised threat zones to requiring greater consideration of reserves. Though the exact details differ in different editions of the game, in antkquitatis current version players roll dice to determine who will be the invader and who will be the defender.

Players spend their PIPs to move single elements or connected groups of elements on the game board. In the event of a tie at the end of bound, play continues until the end of a bound where one player has lost more than the opponent. An introduction of solid and fast ratings to better model the differences between some troops.

Combat is resolved per-element, in the order desired by the active player. If so, please try restarting your browser. Viquingos 28mm,en La Flecha Negra disponemos de un amplio surtido en miniaturas para ese periodo.

All armies are the same size All troop types are equally valuable No pretense of historicity – “it’s just a game” For all its simplicity, even its adherents say it’s not a very good introductory game because of the way the rules are written – Barkerese A good friend likes DBA because it allows him to do Ancients miniatures occasionally – most of his effort is spent on Napoleonics and ACW.

Deployment changes to encourage historical troop deployment. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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