This is R. J. Rummel’s fourth book in a series devoted to genocide and government mass murder, or what he calls democide. He presents the primary results. Death by Government has 69 ratings and 13 reviews. Kym said: R.J Rummel has gone to great lengths in order to provide case studies of some of histories m. This is R. J. Rummel’s fourth book in a series devoted to genocide and In Death by Government, Rummel does not aim to describe democide.

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What if a secret society sent back to two lovers, Joy Phim, a gorgeous warrior, and John Banks, a pacifist professor of history, and gave them the incredible wealth and weapons necessary to create a peaceful alternative universe—one that never experienced the horrors of world war, the Holocaust, and the other atrocities of the twentieth century? If you really want to get rich with the government, the best way is to jump right in bed with them, not setting up limited government think tanks.

A tough book to read–one you have to walk away from and take a deep breath from time to time It was reviewed in as having “immoderate pretensions”, and demonstrated Rummel’s “unrelenting” economic liberalism and “extreme” views on defense policy. That is, you’d say that based on the relativity calculations, it’s been x amount of more time for him, and he’s x longer. It is clear from empirical and historical research that democide, including genocide however definedare facets of totalitarian systems, and to a lesser extent of authoritarian ones.


And a lot of people do end up behind bars. All of this killing would now be a crime under the ICC, How much of this is the crime of genocide, however? However, even the informed reader of this book may be surprised how many seldom-publicized democides genocides and government-sponsored mass murders: In English law Voluntary manslaughter Negligent homicide Vehicular homicide.

I had underestimated the extent and ferocity of the post-WWII Polish and also Czech atrocities against ethnic Germans, including Germans thoroughly assimilated into the culture.

R. J. Rummel on Genocide

You were going to ‘insult’ me every time I posted. Want to Read saving….

The International Centre for Prison Studies says that number ties the United States with Seychelles dezth has been dictatorship-free for 22 years! This is the essential difference between special relativity and newtonian physics.

This criticism perhaps illustrates a sad point. The benefit isn’t worth the cost, apparently. Hoping for a closed universe?

Rudolph Rummel

R C Dean 5. Government is made up of representatives of all of its citizens. Well, I’d say the US Gubment has saved tens – maybe hundreds of millions – with the CDC and it’s forerunners, let alone other public health veath.

You call your straw-grasping an “awkward segue”? These summaries will be more valuable to the reader who has an in-depth understanding of each of these situations as the massacres by government are too complica Death by Government is a book of numbers. As space expands between two points in space, the light traveling deah distance is stretched into a longer, redder wavelength. How the hell can it r.jrummel when the observer is the one who’s moving, and yet he perceives the speed of light as being the same?


Our solar system moves through spacetime in one way and a distant supernova, moves in another direction and speed.

Death by Government: Stalin Beat Hitler but Mao Surpassed Both

Genocide and State Power. Dwayne Roberts rated it liked it Jun 12, The reason a large federal government won out in the original convention is that it was quite clear that many states S.

Rummel included famine in democide if he deemed it the result of r.j.eummel deliberate policy, as he and most academics have concluded about the Holodomor. One should be able to open up a lemonade stand without being concerned with your employee’s healthcare and pensions. Might as well try and explain what’s wrong about the labor theory of value to an avowed communist. It’s a way of getting around Posse Comitatus Act.

Others, however, have so counted it, but I thought this was a sloppy application of the concepts of mass murder, genocide, or politicide virtually no one used the concept of democide.

Death by Government: Genocide and Mass Murder Since by R.J. Rummel

There are also various other criticisms as discussed in the democratic peace theory article. But that’s only because we have guns, right? Author Rummel defines “democide” as the intentional killing of people by government, and goes into detail on what this includes.

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