鈴 the empty bell. 2 – Book Review – Deep River. Shusaku Endo is a Japanese, Christian novelist. His most famous book, Silence, origi- nally published in , . THIRTY years separate Deep River (translated by Van C Gessel, Peter Shusaku Endo’s most probing novel since his masterpiece, Silence. While sometimes shaky, the novel Deep River by Shusaku Endo on faith is also profound in parts.

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If you are sure of yourself, in your belief or non-belief Read more from the Study Guide. The ending is abrupt, although you can easily make your own conclusions.

Endo is a fine writer, and much of the novel is quite good. I can’t help but be struck by the clarity and logic of the way Europeans think, but it seems to me as an Asian that there’s something they have lost sight of with their excessive clarity and their overabundance of logic, and I just can’t go along with it.

This is definitely a novel that won’t get very far with a reader without some interpretation on their part; it is only fully enjoyed if one can see their own life experiences within the pages, and leave with a new understanding of just what it means to exist.

The different stories of the main protagonists were all interesting and sad to me, and the more I thought about them the more impressed I was by their hidden similarities.

Deep River

Pg The Onion had died many long years ago, but he had been reborn in the lives of other people. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. shusku

This river is the most sacred river to the Hindus. Meanwhile, Mitsuko meets two nuns from the Missionaries of Charity and begins to understand Otsu’s idea of God.

I loved the backstories of all the characters. I personally choose to be thankful for this.

Deep River – Endo Shusaku

Their lucid logic and their ways of explaining everything shusaou such clear-cut terms sometimes even causes me pain. What Shusaku Endo tried to do with his novel is something I can appreciate in a “That’s a nice message” kind of way.


An oddball Christian at the university she went to, she seduced him on a whim and challenge — and demanded he gives up his religious ways if he wanted to be with her. Confrontation maybe, but there was no journey. Kiguchi looks to the land of Shusxku to heal his trauma from WWII and the death of the friend who saved his life during the war but could not stand to live afterwards.

The characters’ humanity or lack thereof is convincing and movingly rendered. I look for answers in art.

That’s better than a hug. The Ganges has never before been characterized in such a raw, personified way Riveer really liked Deep River. In Deep River however something entirely new happens. Isobe cannot forget Keiko’s request and writes to researchers studying reincarnation. Favorite novel I’ve read.

For example, characters make statements about the various religions in the book, that as far as their knowledge and understanding goes, they believe to be true. Chapter Four, The Case of Numada.

The young woman Mitsuko, is so cruel, I almost stopped reading the book.

Deep River Summary & Study Guide

Deep River is apparently beloved by ethics students all over goodreads and amazon. Get Deep River from Amazon. And with good reason. Before his death inEndo was the recipient of a number of outstanding Japanese literary awards: Nov 29, Fabian rated it really liked it.

Deep River – Shūsaku Endō – Google Books

For example, a lot of the coincidences and reunion moments that come off as cloying, forced efforts in Western novels Hesse’s Narcissus and Goldmund, prime example somehow work in a Japanese context — much in the same way I didn’t find myself questioning the motif of the reborn soul in Mishima’s Sea of Fertility, the consistent reappearance of Otsu, the sad-sack nonconformist priest in Deep River didn’t bother me either although Mitsuko declaring that she wants to destroy his faith, that made my eyes roll.

Shusaku Endo was born in Tokyo in and, with his family, converted to Catholicism while he was still a child. Mitsuko, who nursed Shsuaku wife as a volunteer also happens to be on Isobe’s tour of India. The place is emdo, pestilential, filthy. Nevertheless, he makes a sincere effort to follow her wishes, looking into this whole reincarnation idea and even corresponding with academics who study it.


So that’s what I thought this book captured really well — everyone suffers, and here is a story about how four or five or six or seven! Too empty for me to give a fuck. They also scatter the ashes of their dead people believing that they will have a peaceful journey to reincarnation.

And yet the birds blissfully sang their songs. Numada frees a myna bird, in repayment to the bird who saved him. Endo sees them as “cases”, and there is a chapter for each. Where was the belated passion? But a large part of the story is the incongruity of the beliefs his characters hold what they think Catholics believe about Maryand what is true what Catholics really believe about Mary.

I just wanted more. He is impressed by a foreign Christian volunteer who helped his sick friend deal eeep tragic experiences during the war. Japanese novels tend, for me, to be somewhat hard to understand at a fundamental level – there always seems to be something presented as a universal feeling or action ehusaku baffles me. Since he threatened to kill her when she dumped him I’d say he wasn’t taking the basics to heart.

But Endo was a Roman Catholic and he knew what he believed. So, a heaping 4. They all did not dwell anything on religion and all use gimmicks talking river, apparition, surrealism, falling leaches, talking cat, etc. Yet as this year’s. But they do manage to come together, and what they find there, at the fated nucleus, fountainhead, existential monolith is exactly what moves the reader towards the epic end.

But if you think Endo was purposeful in his craft, then that leads to some more interesting questions.

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