Phone: +49 30 88 66 . Basic information on legal sources. AEEG /07 (Deliberazione 18 dicembre Condizioni per la gestione della. AEEG 90/07 (Delibera n. 90/ Incentivazione della produzione di energia elettrica mediante impianti GSE’s index may be purchased and sold (Art. 88 par. 03/07/ – PHOTON: Italian solar companies plan PV projects, module factories in northeastern BrazilMore.. The head . 04/13/ – Delibera AEEG 88/

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Sun is our energy source, a beneficial energy, clean and unlimited.

Eluxenia service excellent photovoltaic plants

About us Services Projects Resources Contacts. Astra Energia also intends to build a module manufacturing facility in the state — The size of the planned factory was not disclosed, but the factory would employ approximately people.

Montanino, Direttore tecnico del GSE. These projects deployed special techniques and materials that are designed and installed to reduce the energy consumption of the building. In other words, these buildings have excellent thermal insulation and require only minimal amounts of energy to heat, in the winter season, or to cool, in the summer season. Ferrara, what did the project consist of? Un problema lasciato aperto dall’industria del fotovoltaico, a cominciare dal produttore fino al soggetto finale.

Al via nuove facilitazioni a sostegno della produzione di energia elettrica da fonti rinnovabili con impianti di piccola taglia fino a 1 MW di potenza. Reserve via e-mail at info astraenergia. New directions of business development include the expansion of the remote monitoring, operation and maintenance business; the installation of ground mounted systems; the experimental test of innovative tracking technologies and the spin-off of an investment trust to facilitate financing of its own projects and of projects with strategic partners.

However, the time of purely speculative projects has thankfully ended. L ha realizzato un parco fotovoltaico per complessivi kw di potenza installata. Astra Energia is also investing substantial resources for the realization of a dedicated center for professional training in the space of renewable energy and sustainability. Full architectural integration means that the photovoltaic power plant is completely integrated in the building roof and replaces essential parts of the building envelope, such as the roof or the walls, in a functional and architecturally sound way.


For the shopping mall L’Universo in Silvi, Astra is building one of the largest fully integrated photovoltaic systems in the region Abruzzo. Label For the shopping mall L’Universo in Silvi, Astra is building one of the largest fully integrated photovoltaic systems in the region Abruzzo.

Contact us to have more information or to receive the visit of one of our experts without commitments. Updated list of inverters that can be connected to the Low Tension Grid operated by Enel Distribuzione. This center will certainly favor the diffusion of this culture in the region and ultimately promote its economic development.

Both warehouses were built in less than three months.

News on energy and photovoltaic systems

Projects for the future? Astra is proud to announce the beginning of construction of two systems of kWp and kWp respectively in Val di Sangro and San Salvo in the region of Abruzzo.

Astra Energia participates in the Adriatic Housing Fair and organizes a Conference aeey renewable energy with specific focus on the Fourth Conto Energia. The Mission of the company, through the opportunity offered by government with the new national and European incentive programs, is developing and diffusion of use of renewable sources for energy production and for the environment safeguard. FAQ sul fotovoltaico e su Conto Energia.

Common Legal Framework Decree-law: L’inverter converte la corrente continua prodotta dal generatore fotovoltaico in corrente alternata sinusoidale. Photovoltaic energy Legislation Conference on photovoltaic Contacts Work with us.


The project, with a peak capacity of 0. The aim of the conference is to delibrra the possible doubts, spreading the culture of the use of photovoltaic energy, with particular reference to the Abruzzo region, highlighting the advantages that the use of this technology entails. Were these projects supported by incentives for photovoltaic energy? I pannelli fotovoltaici di seconda generazione sono costituiti da celle di silicio in film sottili.


The new phase presents substantial opportunities for public entities. Eluxenia provides a service of excellence in the realization delibbera photovoltaic plants. In Val di Sangro the largest warehouse with fully integrated renewable energy generation and energy efficiency Label. The prestigious title aknowledges the excellence of Astra’s technological and business practices and coincides with a phase of strong growth, with figures expected to exceed 5MW of new installed capacity.

In addition to the external websites listed in the menu to the right, you’ll here find an extensive list of guides to Italian National laws and Standards governing Project design and connection of a photovoltaics array under the Conto Energia incentivation scheme on Italian territory.

Who was the contractor? The projects are scheduled for completion in August Are projects of this sort expensive? All the adeg will be built according to the highest quality standards and will incorporate innovative mounting structures and advanced technologies of remote monitoring of system performance delivera energy productivity.

Lgs 28 del 3. The company offers a dwlibera service, taking care of the various steps of the project for its Customers enterprise, Private or public body till the start up of incentive prices of Energy Account, including all practices and supplying of funds occurring to cover the whole cost of System. Astra Energia is proud to organize the National Convention “L’energia fotovoltaica: Truth and transparency on the future of renewable energy – C.

Via Lorenzo il Magnifico, 94 – Firenze P.

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