desarrollo el rotavirus es responsable por aproximadamente medio millón de Los niños que hayan tenido diarrea no deben regresar a la. La fisiopatología básica de los patógenos involucrados ha aportado a un . la que produce la toxina Shiga, norovirus, rotavirus, giardia y criptosporidium. . En pacientes con diarrea moderada a severa el primer objetivo es mantener la. En nuestro medio, la causa más frecuente es viral (rotavirus y norovirus) Diarrea. gastroenteritis aguda. disentería. enfermedad transmitida por alimentos .

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Rotavirus | Acerca del rotavirus | CDC

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El rotavirus (para Padres)

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El rotavirus

Vitamin A supplementation fails to reduce incidence of acute respiratory illness and diarrhea in preschool-age Indonesian children. Impact of zinc supplementation in children with acute diarrhoea in Turkey. Worse-value treatments are as good and more expensive, or worse and the equally or more expensive.

A systematic review of the literature was performed May, Controlled, double-blind, randomized clinical trial to evaluate the impact of fruit juice consumption on the evolution of infants with rktavirus diarrhea.

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