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The basic cost for an energy weapon is 4, modified by the difference between the weapon technology and the technology of the system in which it is purchased. Mild Consequence reduces the number of shifts by one, a moderate Consequence reduces the shifts by two, and a severe Consequence reduces the shifts by four. This can in fact be made even more abstract, when you want to make a situation tactical that has become mired or unproductive in regular role-play.

Social combat can be used to handle complicated srv and personal situations.

Any special properties of the weapon or ammunition are listed here see Weapon Special Properties. Our map is a piece of ruled paper, number each line from -4 to 4 and place or draw ship models on the lines.

Instead you are declaring that something is important and leave it to players to determine how to make it important. While clearing a mild Consequence is possible right after combat, and a moderate Consequence can be repaired with any respectable facility, severe Consequences should be felt by the players; they should realize that they have seriously hurt their ship.

Popular among the drow, this needle gun can deliver deadly poisons. Good concessions give something up but keep you in play. This allows a merchant to fly with an escort, for example, or a fleet of fighters to maintain a common range for their attacks. This may be a reason for the crew to voluntarily take themselves out before it comes to this, either by surrendering, agreeing to a tether, or jumping into the lifeboats!

He may use these shifts for movement in addition to his free move of one zone for up to two additional zones. In combat, each player may only use a given Skill only once per round. A smoke grenade deals no damage; instead, it releases a cloud of dense smoke. A character who chokes for 2 consecutive rounds takes 1d6 nonlethal damage. It could be a as familiar as a yellow star with eight worlds, one of which is habitable, or as exotic as an artificial quintet of neutron stars and a vast field of rubble a thousand million miles away.


The shock is too mild to deal damage, but it can stun the target. There are many Skills from which characters can choose, most of which represents a specific area of learned knowledge. Designate someone as caller. Seeker rifles are single-shot projectile weapons.

This abstraction denies some level of tactical decision from the players. I don’t think you really need to buy anything unless you GM. Instead assume that the ship has been properly mothballed or leased or is otherwise taking srs of itself. One of the biggest conceptual hurdles in adopting this system for resolving social interactions is recognizing that not every person in a scene needs to be represented on the map.

One approach for new players is to choose an apex Skill first—what the character does best. Some big items mainly spacecraft also require regular maintenance checks. If a player wishes his character to own such a weapon it should simply be granted.

What games do you know of that have free, and legal, SRD’s and PDF’s? : rpg

A region that is hard to pass may be split into more zones. The Heat stress track cannot be repaired during combat, except by shutting off engines, as described in the positioning phase.

Arc emitters discharge a cone of electrical energy that can damage and stun anyone within its area. It won’t be taken away, but it will also confer obligations and responsibilities, so that it too is an active part of the economy. Rounds are standardized by weapon type. Pilot is not automatically raised to match the V-shift.

Their popularity with the Infinite Star Legion led to their colloquial name, Starfire swords.

NPCs have one Aspect for each rank in their apex Skill, one fate point per Aspect, and Stunts as appropriate no more than 3. During set-up in the detection phase, any two ships or more in the same band may but need not be in formation, if the players controlling the ships so choose.

If you want a ship with no trade diasporaa, you better have a bankroll to fund it. That is, rolls are based on ship statistics which function as analogues of Skills and ship Aspects are invoked, tagged, and compelled. Shifts from a Trade roll cannot be used to clear Wealth Consequences. Our Ladder here is slightly different from the Spirit of the Century Ladder, in that the term Fair is replaced by Decent.

  EN 3834-3 PDF

On that last link, you can also filter for “Pay what you want” or for a specific price range e. Diaspota many cases the referee need only establish their single Skill rank in much the same manner as he would estimate a difficulty level for a static check.

Diaspora SRD

disspora The number of rounds from a magazine, the number of battery charges from a charged weapon, and so on. The core design philosophy that makes this a wargame is that the combat is chiefly between spacecraft. Aspects are the catalysts for the economies of fate points.

Compels happen before the dice hit the table. Ships are built like office towers, with small decks stacked on top of each other, which experience gravity only when the ship is under thrust. While objectively it is more appealing to poll characters in order of some Skill Alertness is the usual choice, with ties broken by Agilityin practice this does not have a huge impact on play except to slow it down and confuse the order. Giving details of what you want to happen within the game is as important as working out what roll on the dice is needed for success.

An ancient yet still popular vesk weapon, the reaction cannon uses advanced materials and technology to redirect the recoil of a projectile back into the projectile itself, making it an extremely damaging heavy weapon. Each turn that the V-shift is not engaged allows the highest filled box in the Heat track to be cleared.


Cryo weapons generate blasts of supercooled gas that can damage or incapacitate a target. Stress tracks have a basic rating modified by some Skills and Stunts. A small animal might have one or two boxes, anything about human sized is three to five boxes, larger animals are 6 to 8 boxes, and giant animals may be 10 boxes or more.

Cluster, diwspora, and character creation are all egalitarian pursuits.

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