Electronic code lock with user defined password using microcontroller The major components include a keypad, LCD and the controller AT89C51 which . Here is a project called ‘Digital Code Lock using AT89C’. LCD is used for display and a keyboard is used to input the keys. This project source code is. Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C) Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible.

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Electronic code lock with user defined password using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Digital Code Lock -Advanced -using Arduino — is a very interesting and advanced version of Digital Code Lock projects built using keypad and arduino.

Electronic Lock using Switches. The resistance is varied by Keypad is used for inserting password into the microcontroller.

The system collects 5 digit user input, compares the user input with the preset password inside program and if the user input and stored password matches, access will be granted by opening the door with the help of relay for a few seconds and closing it automatically after stipulated time.


Fri Dec 07 Hi there, This is an interesting project.

Digifal By sifirsekiz Sun Dec 16 Now suppose we give below data to column pins:. Can you guys help me out. Make the connections of digital code lock project as shown in circuit diagram.

Tue Nov 06 Posted By sifirsekiz Ksing Dec 15 Digital Door Lock — Project Summary Our Digital Code Lock project — is a simple electronic number lock system or an electronic combination lock using — which has a preset 5 digit password stored inside the program. We have connected this LCD module in 8 bit mode using 8 data lines.

Port P0 is used to take input from keypad. This article describes the making of an electronic code lock using the microcontroller.

Digital Code Lock Project using Microcontroller

Choosing Battery for Robots. Entering master lock, user can enter the new 5 digit code for the lock and press ‘ ‘ to save it. If motor burns then how will you open the door. My project is like a vault.


Mon Nov 05 Post in forum if you need any af89c2051. Long duration timer circuit. Heart rate monitor with sms alert.

Assemble the circuit as shown in diagram. We have explained the connections below. Downloads Automatic Railway Gate Control by: Its a simple project with efficient hacking prevention from Brute Force etc. The connections in the circuit are as following: SPI Module of Arduino.

A preset is a three legged electronic component which can be made to offer varying resistance in a circuit. Want to build your own robot? Retrieve Zt89c2051 Enter your email and to receive instructions Verification Image: Check this article for LCD interfacing with and its functions.

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