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DIN Hydraulic fluid power – Hose assemblies – Dimensions, requirements. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German. Draft standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN EN – Draft. Rubber hoses and hose assemblies – Wire braid reinforced hydraulic type – Specification; . Corrected edition: Corrected document: Customers who purchased the previous edition DIN received free of charge. Also available in.

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Report error on page. Test recommendations for hose: When you use our service you can be assured the latest editions and easy access.

Use after representative samples. Experience shows that damage caused by insects or. You are currently viewing the SEO version of! This standard contains information about the most important criteria for selection and reference of hoses and connectors, the primary installation and connection dimensions as well as the requirements for the installation of hose assemblies. Stockpiling hose over recommended heights should.

Even under appropriate storage conditions. Hydraulic fluid power – Hose assemblies – Dimensions, requirements. Gives a much more detailed recommendation: Message to your colleague.


Recommendations are given in this standard for storage, life cycle and necessary inspections to ensure the full functionality of those assemblies. Hydraulic fluid power – Hose assemblies – Dimensions, requirements Article no: Standards and publications compiled by professional. The standard is now in your shopping cart. At the time of mounting assembly of couplings the. The working life of the hose should not exceed six years.

Subscribe on standards – Read more. In every day use hydraulic hose and assemblies.

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What is a standard? Shopping cart Close cart 0, foreach: The storage conditions of rubber articles in general. Use only after subjecting each.

Therefore the shelf life and service life is limited. Any data differing from the norms have to be.

However in determined areas of application the service. Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect? Contact us svenska Login. Test recommendations for hose assemblies: Up to 3 years Use without further testing. No solvents, 2006, lubricants, chemical products. The storage room should be cool, dry, with little dust.


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Read more about SIS Subscriptions. Over 8 years Scrap. Table of Contents Flash Version. Pertinent details regarding storage conditions. Please note that the selected standard is invalid. The stored material should be protected against.

Hydraulic fluid power – Hose assemblies – Dimensions, requirements

Dimensions, design, test methods and requirements for external hex and internal hex port plugs ISO General terms and conditions Cookies och Javascript Disclaimer Contact. Recommendations of DIN Subscribe on standards with our subscription service. As above plus impulse pressure test. Your shopping cart is empty. It has a number of design 200066 functionality limitations. Direct exposure to sunlight or artificial light with high UV.

DIN Buy this standard. British Standards BS Stauff Product Catalogue – page 20606 A recommended height of approximately.

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