I Am a Strange Loop [Douglas R. Hofstadter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of our greatest philosophers and scientists of the mind. Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Best Books of the Month, March : I Am a Strange Loop eBook: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Kindle Store. Scott O’Reilly loops the loop with Douglas Hofstadter.

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All FARG computational models share certain key principles, among which are: Amazon Best Books douglad the Month, March Sep 18, to’c rated it liked it Recommends it for: Hofstadter takes it for granted that readers must have some line on the spectrum from humans to rocks where they demarcate those living things with souls we care about from those things that don’t have enough of a soul to concern ourselves with.

I Am a Strange Loop – Wikipedia

Sure, I can’t prove it, but I’m glad for that, because maybe we were never meant to. Notices of the American Mathematical Society. He starts out sounding non-deterministic but in the end came out pro-deterministic.

The development of his theme is slow, so I read the epilogue to find out if he was coming to anything other than where he seemed to be going. Hofstadter is a natural phenomenologist and a first rate scientist a pretty good combination, by the way.

But this is simply wrong. Hofstadter doesn’t believe his own argument.

He does so by describing the mind’s process of something like “infinite reflexivity”. I read Hofstadter’s “Metamagical Themas” many years ago and was fascinated by the author’s vast area of expertise. If not a mosquito, is a bee conscious?


He was initially appointed to the Indiana University’s Computer Science Department faculty inand at that time he launched his research program in computer modeling of mental processes which at that time he called “artificial intelligence research”, a label that he has since dropped in favor of “cognitive science research”. Our concepts hofstadterr built up this way: The key difference being that by his own definition the Self is a self-reflexive symbol but my symbol of someone else—no matter how detailed it is, no matter how intimate we were—does not provide feedback to itself.

And what is sleep about anyway? I can also an him credit for hofsatdter made a case that is certainly unpopular outside of academic circles in these days of established religion and political evangelicalism, and having made it in a way that rises above ad hominem criticism. The one place where he dpuglas out on thin ice is the persistence of “selves” after death via the symbols in other peoples’ minds.

In Hofstadter’s wife Carol died suddenly of a brain tumor at only 42, leaving him with two young children to care for But I’m afraid it is too soon to go beyond Ayn Rand’s statements of the fundamental axioms dougpas philosophy: So why did I start out to read another Hofstadter book? I would suggest that with careful work, he could learn to observe both universes in his own life and experience. The workings of the human doulgas are described metaphorically and not physiologicallyand often those metaphors are mathematical.

But I wonder if Hofstadter, enthusiastic as he is over the idea of self-referencing systems, isn’t overstating his point. Which is more real?


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One can say “I’m resting on the right side of my demarcation line” when one goes vegetarian, but one can only believe it through willful ignorance. Ah, loops and paradoxes. There is much here and I do not doubt that writing “I am a Strange Loop” was loo; labor of love in more ways than one.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. I wouldn’t touch it, whether it thinks about itself or not.

I don’t know you, I’m basically writing this for my own understanding and I offer you all these words for free! It ought to be a good ride. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.

I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter | Issue 78 | Philosophy Now

Certainly there is a world of difference between the Old Master himself and a folio of his sheet music lying waiting to be played. Tolle would probably say…you may be right that the Ego is a strange loop…but so what?

Hofstadter is a respected academic, and I’m a dingus with a Goodreads account. Pages with related products. Every now and then, we humans, despite knowing we won’t come to any definite conclusion, need to sit back and wonder what it all means, in a new way each time.

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