Ngondro Program at Pema Osel Ling – What is Ngöndro and why will you benefit ?Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche said in his introduction to A Cascading. by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche. Namo guruye! There are two stages to the practice of this preliminary phase of the profound path: the common and uncommon. VAJRAYANA FOUNDATION has created this website primarily to support Dudjom Tersar Ngondro practitioners with live webcasts, video teachings, texts, sound.

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Taking Refuge Consider your precious root master is actually present in the space before you. Social Twitter Facebook Instagram. As I recognize the reality of this situation, may my mind turn towards the sacred Dharma! His beneficial activities are in accord with the Vajrayana although he tersr himself differently, unexpectedly, as a little duxjom with astonishing intelligence. In order not to circle like this between suffering and happiness unceasingly, it is necessary to be liberated to reach unchangeable, flawless ecstasy; and in order to be liberated one needs virtue or merit until the habits of dualistic mind are exhausted.

Whoever has connections with him will be taken to Ngayab Ling Zangdok Palri. Guru Yoga Consider that in the sky before you your kind root lama appears in the form of Guru Padmasambhavaactually present there before you.

To the one who is always unfailing and will never deceive us, the supreme and constant refuge or protector who is the embodiment of the Three Jewels, our precious root lama. tesrar

Sudjom said that she was Sukha Siddhi and proceeded to recite the above offering stanzas for the ddjom of all sentient beings. Chime Soktik is the main dudjoj practice based on Amitayus in the Dudjom Tersar lineage. Privacy policy About Rigpa Wiki Disclaimers. Y Yolmo Lama Dawa. For example, there are two important practices on the Khandro Thugthig which was written by Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche that has been included in the Vol.


He will either discover new Terma or preserve the old Terma. If you find this site useful, please consider helping us to achieve our goal of translating more classic tersarr from the Buddhist tradition and making them freely available.

Such are the cases with the “Chokling Tersar” and the “Dudjom Tersar” Hence, it is not necessary to include all the writings of the Terton himself except those related commentaries on those practices.

The collected works of Dudjom Lingpa and Dudjom Rinpoche includes several either short instructions texts, or full manual of practices. In this life and in the nextand in the bardo states, guide me with compassion, without ever parting, and grant me your blessings, continuously at all times. In general, the “Lineage” of a “Tersar” tradition comes from those new “treasures” termas of an individual terton, and should include the initiations wangscriptural transmissions lungand oral teachings tri of all the important practices and sadhanas of that particular tradition.

It was predicted by Urgyen Dechen Lingpa that: This was to be an indication of where his work in later times would be most effective. Then, there are two other two cycles of Dorje Phurba, namely: At that time, this body will be left behind, but the dudjok will continue, directed by whatever beneficial and harmful actions I have accumulated, and, as a result, I will experience dudjkm of happiness or suffering, according to the inevitable laws of cause and effect.

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Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. The tantras, practices and other texts of the Sudjom Tersar were discovered as termas by two masters: Consider your precious root master is actually present in the space before you. Dudjom Lingpa revealed five Dzogchen tantra treasures:.


Retrieved from ” http: His beneficial activities are in accord with the Vajrayana although he conducts himself differently, unexpectedly, as a little boy with astonishing intelligence.

The lamas of the Vajrayana Foundation have required students to finish their ngondro in order to participate in rushen a secret practice that comprises the dzogchen preliminariesthe annual trekchod Cutting Through Solidity teachings, and in other advanced practices at Pema Osel Ling, the retreat center of the Vajrayana Foundation.

Both Dudjom Lingpa and Dudjom Rinpoche have written many prayers which have a distinguished quality of clarity and profoundness.

However, there are cases that the works and termas of other great Masters are also included simply because of the realizations of the terton himself, such as Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, tersaar he felt it to be more beneficial to all sentient beings by either having some of the long termas of other tertons to be condensed, or by elaborating on some of the more concise termas of other fersar, or both.

Along with the Longchen Nyingtikthe Dudjom Tersar has become among the most widespread and practised terma cycles among Nyingmapasboth monastic and lay practitioners.

Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Vajrayana Foundation

Ngondro is the gateway to the advanced practices of dzogchen, as well. He will either dujdom new Terma or preserve the old Terma. Taking a plate that is arranged with heaps that symbolize the offerings, think:

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