NICAN MOPOHUA, the original XVI Century Guadalupe’s apparitions story. NICAN MOPOHUA (“HERE IS TOLD”) and set down in order how a short time ago. A complete title of the Nican Mopohua was translated by the Library’s was imprinted an image of La Morenita, Mother of God, on the garment. Nican Mopohua. The summary of the text from this book was made by Father Johann Roten, S.M. with the permission of the publisher and author. Stream of.

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For the present presentation, I have corrected new errors in the Nahuatl text, apparently introduced by electronic scanning, referring for that purpose to several different printed versions. When he had crossed the ravine near the Tepeyac bridge, the attendants lost sight of him and could not find him. The autos reflect only Spanish Christian thinking, while the main characteristic of the Nican Mopohua is the exceptional blending of the best of two cultures. The bishop and all the onlookers knelt down.

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The Nican Mopohuawhich has been described as “A Jewel of Nahuatl literature, whose beauty and depth of thought make it worthy of renown the world over”, relies on the beauty of the dialogues between the Holy Virgin and St.

La Virgen que pide un templo para manifestar a su Hijo. Studies, devotional literature, pictures and even web sites abound. The sixth section, the “Nican Tlantica” Nahuatl: Special thanks to Stephen Menn for his eagle-eyed attention and his kindness in getting back to me when he discovered problems. See also the section below on “The Nican Mopohua and liberation theology”.


According to the sworn testimony of D. Don Antonio Valeriano, a descendant of the royal house of Tacuba that stemmed from the Emperor Moctezuma II, was a figure of great importance in the middle of the sixteenth century. Linguistically you nicxn notice the “vocative” form used frequently in this text.

The Lord Bishop commanded at once that he should be brought before him. He knelt at his feet and repeated the Virgin’s message with sobs and entreaties. He was given the baptismal name Juan Diego and is today known as St.

And sometimes it seems to be thrown in merely to show that the situation, the audience, or the text itself is classy or much loved or both. I am going in a great hurry to call the priest to confess him and will come back here to take your message.

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Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

Some sources place Valeriano’s birth, at Azcapotzalco, as early ashence just before the fall of Tenochtitlan. Go to introductionmain Nahuatl pageAztec Folio reference grammar. A whole series of these occurs in line That same day, he returned to the hill-top of Tepeyac. Esta palabra, proveniente del griego, quiere decir “Buenas Noticias”.

El Beato Juan Diego, vidente y confidente de la Sma. Called Nican Mopohua because of the exact chronological order in which it relates the mopoha phases of the apparitions, this account is also the first and oldest written source on Guadalupe.


The effect was more syllables and greater formality. Largo rato estuvo esperando Juan Diego. However, there is a document about Guadalupe which is not often mentioned. The ell is slightly modernized. The Story of Guadalupe: The other parts are clearly different and with greater Spanish influence.

Immediately thereafter the cape was hung in the chapel.

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Queen of Tepeyacac Inten years after the capture of Mexico City, peace allowed the mission fathers to teach the Catholic faith among the Indians and to baptize their children. Skeptics doubt both the apparition and the documentation which purports to authenticate it, but faith in the Guadalupe shrine and its associated symbols is nearly universal in Mexico to this day. In a few notes I have included marking for long vowels. There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions of this text, as well as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous.

Juan Diego prostrated himself before him and said:. Forgive me, lady and daughter mine, be patient with me, I am not deceiving thee, I will come tomorrow in aIl haste.

It was a wonderful lady of superhuman beauty. I have also freely modified the anonymous English translation in places where it seemed untrue to the original text.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Nahuatl is insufficient for me to mopohu whether the flow of verb forms here is clumsy in Nahuatl or not.

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