rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the Act. Click to View Complete PDF File of Implementing Rules and Regulation for Republic Act No. Proposed Amendments to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act , Otherwise known as the “Electric. RA EPIRA-IRR. February 27, Rules and Regulations to Implement Republic Act No. , entitled “Electric Power Industry Reform Act of “.

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The DOE and ERC have filed a motion for reconsideration and an Omnibus Motion to seek clarification on scope and coverage of the temporary restraining order, including whether the threshold for contestability may be lowered to kW on a voluntary basis. Persons intending to supply electricity to end-users reaching itr prescribed minimum threshold of monthly average peak demand are required to secure a licence from the ERC.

Rules and Regulations Implementing the Power Reform Law

The distribution wheeling rates and connection charges, which may be charged by distribution utilities to end users, are also subject to the approval of the ERC.

The RE Act also mandates the NREB to set the minimum percentage of generation from eligible renewable energy resources and determine on which sector the renewable energy portfolio standards RPS will be imposed on a per-grid basis.

Based on the power capacity, The electric power industry is segregated into four main sectors: Wheeling rate is the charge for transporting electricity from an electrical grid to an electrical load outside the grid. The transmission sector in the Philippine power industry essentially remains epia monopoly.

Rules and Regulations Implementing the Power Reform Law | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

On 22 Decemberthe DOE adopted the Rules and Guidelines Governing the Establishment of the RPS for On-Grid Areas, 90 which prescribes that the share of electricity coming from renewable energy resources shall be based on the aspirational target of 35 per cent in the generation mix by The DOE is the primary policymaking and implementing body for the industry, 2 with a mandate to supervise and control all government activities pertaining to energy projects.

DC providing for voluntary participation of end-users with an average monthly peak demand of at least kW in the competitive retail electricity market. The project shall include a regasification terminal, storage, power plant and other related infrastructure. The Luzon-Visayas WESM operates on the basis of a gross pool whereby all transactions for the sale and purchase of electricity are channelled through the market.


A supplier is any person or entity authorised by the ERC to sell, broker, market or aggregate electricity to end-users. The suspension of the Commissioners has halted the operations of the ERC because, as a collegial body, it can only act after due deliberation and it requires the presence of at least three Commissioners to constitute a quorum.

Energy dep’t seeking stakeholder comment on draft EPIRA IRR amendments

Under the EPIRA, key government agencies and instrumentalities were either created or their powers and functions reorganised, with the aim of fulfilling the mandate of the law.

Inthe RE Act, was passed into law to establish a framework to accelerate the development and advancement of renewable energy resources, and dpira development of a strategic programme to increase its utilisation. There is no special legislation that promotes or advances particular technological developments in the RE sector.

With the industry enduring a fourth straight year of low oil prices, and with no prospects for a significant increase in sight, participants in the industry have been forced to adapt. A performance incentive scheme is incorporated into the RDWR, whereby a qualified distribution utility is rewarded or penalised depending on its compliance with set performance targets and indices.

Parties to a merger including those in the energy sector that meet the threshold requirements under the PCA are required to notify the PCC within 30 days of the signing of definitive agreements relating to the merger. As discussed above, the distribution of electricity to end-users is undertaken by distribution utilities, which may be electric cooperatives, private corporations, government-owned utilities or existing local governments.

The EPIRA also states that ‘no company or related group can own, operate or control more than 30 per cent of the installed generating capacity of a grid or 25 per cent of the national installed generating capacity’. Explore our content Close.

On the other hand, the maximum distribution wheeling rates to be charged by private distribution utilities operating under performance-based regulations are governed by the Rules for Setting Distribution Wheeling Rates Revised RDWR. Consistent with the policy of ensuring transparent and rir pricing of electricity in a regime of free and fair competition, 44 the EPIRA mandates TRANSCO, the NGCP and the distribution utilities to provide open and non-discriminatory access to all electricity end-users to the transmission system and distribution systems.


As a result, the second part of the book has five chapters that focus on financing.

This may only be undertaken jointly with Filipino citizens or corporations or associations 60 per cent of whose capital is owned by Filipino citizens under co-production, joint venture or production sharing agreements. Also worth noting are certain private entities that perform key functions for the Philippine power industry:. Multinational companies make business plans based on the laws and regulations of the countries in which they are headquartered and have manufacturing facilities as well as the countries in which they distribute and sell their products.

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Implementing Rules and Regulations

The installation targets for biomass and hydro have not been fully subscribed upon their expiration on 31 Decemberbut the DOE is expected to extend them for two more years. The law also allows for wholesale aggregators 23 — being any person or entity, other than a generation company — to be issued with a certificate of registration by the ERC to sell epirx to distribution utilities.

Although there are currently no plans to have another round of FIT for solar, development of solar power project continues in the form of distributed energy resources DERs.

Inthe regulation of the natural gas industry was entrusted by the President of the Republic to the DOE, 14 which promulgated Department Circular No. The Shipping Law Review.

Much of the mining sector continues to emerge from a lengthy down-cycle. Generation companies submit generation offers, and customers their demand bids for each trading interval of each trading day of the week. The Employment Law Review.

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