This has been due, in no small degree, to the influence of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s critically acclaimed Epistemology of the Closet. Working from classic texts of. Epistemology of the Closet has ratings and 54 reviews. Khush said: ‘ Epistemology of the closet’ is an informative and interesting book. It is i. Buy Epistemology of the Closet 2Rev Ed by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Familiarity with these works is mandatory, rereadings may even be in order otherwise an already oblique text veers into unintelligibility.

It will not be an easy read. What charm, compared to this chrism of the gratuitous, can reside in the all too predictable tears of women, of gay men, of people with something to cry about?

Epistemology of the Closet – Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick – Google Books

This is definitely a good analysis of the function of the closet in homosexuality. To me the meaning of the closet was something referring to fear and exclusion of people whom didn’t for the norm. Since I have not read those books, there was much that I failed to comprehend as fully as i would have liked. I see a lot of people taking issue with this book because it’s difficult to read, and so I want to dispel a misunderstanding right up front: It deconstructs the mechanisms through which a queer individual goes from simply suffering from the stifling effects of homophic repression to actively enforcing them.

As is often my problem, it is difficult to review a book so seminal a self-conscious word choice, not ignoring the potential for “germinal” to be used as a synonym and so fundamental to so many strains of thoughts.

The binarism chapters were the downside of Sedgwicks book. Philosophy and Literature, Volume 15, Number 2, Octoberpp. That said–if you’re familiar with with this style of writing, the questions Sedgwick is asking and the theories she’s presenting in this book are really fascinating.


These two views can also be applied to divisions of people based on gender, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socio-economic status, and so forth.

All people are of equal worth, because all are created in the image of God. This is a very accurate assessment, both in terms of content and regarding the form of Epistemology of the Closet.

So much rhetoric has been propped up against this metaphor of the “closet” that it seems that it creates this vicious cycle of stigmatizing people who are unsure, figuring it out, or simply constrained by other forces.

Sedgwick argues that limiting sexuality to homosexuality or heterosexualityin a structured binary opposition, is just too simplistic. Around this axis Sedgwick works out an analysis of seminal no pun intended texts in queer literature. Other editions – View all Epistemology of the Closet: Hardwickwhere the majority decision cites a seemingly unbroken line of prohibition of sodomy encompassing the Bible, Roman law, Churh law, British common law, and the laws of the various colonies, later US States.

Part of the problem is that I haven’t read a lot of the texts by dead white men that she analyzes, and that made some of the later chapters incredibly difficult to get though. It shows a young boy standing next to a young girl, both wearing dresses complete with frills and ruffles. So entrenched in contemporary concerns are her readings that the question “what’s the point?

Epistemology of the Closet – Wikipedia

I have a Mormon friend whose parents told him that while he is entitled to love whoever he chooses, they condemn the homosexual act. Want to Read saving…. And bad liars at that because all the smug straight people are laughing up their sleeves at fhe “poor” “pathetic” “closeted” My feelings toward this book are laced with resentment and I haven’t even read it yet.

The reality of the matter is that the full on closet value and definition, in my personal point of view, is the hegemonic heteronormative cushion for society to exclude and excuse other forms of existence. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As Sedgwick writes elsewhere, “queer is a continuing moment, movement, motive — recurrent, eddying, troublant”.


University of California Press- Literary Criticism – pages. My feelings toward this book are laced with resentment and I haven’t even read it yet. Epistemology of the Closet has received many positive reviews. In the ancient past, homosexuality was a fairly common and sedgwixk passtime, though socially constructed in such a way.

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Judith Butler showed me the transformative power of the word queer

A complicated relationship exists between the commingling of hearts and the physical manifestation in bodies, but it seems a gross hypocrisy to allow one and condemn the other.

The introductory chapters were especially well written and fleshed out an influential cultural and social criticism.

She is wearing a pretty dress, and an alice band; a toothy grin lights up her face. Overall, this is a difficult text that fights the reader almost line kosofsk line. This comes to show the why we stayed suppressed for so long as part of the community that we are. What is the origin of this?

T This is definitely a good analysis of the function of the closet in homosexuality. Proust and the Spectacle of the Closet 2 Apr 05, Khush rated it it was amazing. Paperbackpages. My library Help Advanced Book Search. And while such binaries or oppositions are present in life, epistemolofy are not always epistemolkgy clear cut. The chapter dedicated to the king of obscurity is the one closest to ‘pure’ literary analysis.

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