Eusideroxylon zwageri Teijsm. & Binn., Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned. Ind. 25 () Eusideroxylon borneense Fern.-Vill. Salgada lauriflora Blanco. Diagnostics. Family Name: Lauraceae. Common Names: Borneo Ironwood, Billian, Ironwood , Ulin, Belian. Borneo Ironwood,Billian,Ironwood,Ulin,Belian. Record Info. Typical habitat, Habitat of E. zwageri: E. zwageri is able to grow under soil which seasonally waterlogged. Senami forest, Jambi Indonesia.

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Eusideroxylon zwageri

Choose color black white green blue red orange yellow navi. Sliced Veneer Good veneer can be made, but it is too dense and insufficiently ornamental for this eusideroxyoln. The size of the stump approx. Manual selection of trees in natural forests is common. Article by; Naimah CL, uploaded on 7 May In Sarawak, export in any form is not allowed without special permission. It is commonly found along rivers and adjacent hills. The line width was 2 m, the distance between lines was 5 m and distance between seedlings was 2 m.

Proceedings of eusiderxoylon seminar. The flowers are usually yellow to greenish or white, rarely reddish.

Eusideroxylon zwageri: The official tree of Sarawak – Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

The stamens of the third whorl has 2 glands near its base. Ulin occurs scattered or gregarious and is often the dominant canopy species. The large fruits are poisonous and pulverized fruits have been used medicinally against swellings. Senami forest, Jambi, Indonesia. Currently the situation is assessed as a serious depletion of stands.


Title Stem form Caption Stem form of E. The world-famous IPB Eusideroxlyon Agricultural Institute Institut Pertanian Bogor is currently breeding a generation of plants more hardy than the wild harvested seeds [5] zwzgeri.

There are no pictures available for this datasheet If you can supply pictures for this datasheet please contact: Crossties 8 – Maderas latinoamericas.

Rotary Veneer Cutting Good veneer can be made, but it is too dense and insufficiently ornamental for this purpose. Ecology Ulin is a constituent of primary or old secondary tropical rain forest. Title Sprouting stump Caption E. Inflorescence axillary, paniculate, dense, drooping, cm long, densely short-hairy.

Research policy for community forestry in the Eusiderroxylon region. Artikel oleh Naimah CL, dimuat naik pada on 7 Mei Saw blades and cutting instruments are only moderate blunted during working the timber.

Title Root system Caption Root system of E. Bridges 2 – 25 madeiras da amazonia de valor comercial, caracterizacao, macroscopica, usos comuns e indices qualificativos.


Sawing Sawmilling of this species is reportedly easy to fair. Pokok belian tumbuh dengan perlahan dan mengambil masa sehingga tahun untuk mencapai garis pusat zageri cm. Zwaggeri Commons has media related to Eusideroxylon zwageri. Natural Distribution It can be found throughout the lowlands of Sabah extending into the remainder of Borneo, other Indonesian islands, and the Philippines; occasionally abundant. Pokok ini dikenali sebagai belian Sabah dan Sarawak ; Borneo ironwood European Union ; belian, onglen, tebelian, tulian, dan ulin Indonesia serta biliran, sakian dan tambulian Filipina.

Title Seedlings Caption One year old E. Additionally, the wood’s high density and easy workability lend it to particularly desirability in maritime structures, dock construction and ship buildingespecially Indonesia’s famous pinisi sail-boat.

The heartwood when cut is coloured light brown to almost bright yellow. Little warping and checking are reported.

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