The Ever-Present Origin is a translation of Ursprung und Gegenwart, a book which was published in German in two parts around and The central . Digital Resources for Ever-Present Origin “Rendering Darkness and Light Present: Jean Gebser and the Principle of Diaphany”, Aaron. Our purpose here is to become acquainted with Jean Gebser’s seminal work, The Ever- Present Origin [1]. To this end, it would be helpful at the onset to gain a.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jun 17, Pax Analog rated it it was amazing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What I can tell it’s a masterpiece irigin even those 36 pages changed my view on life!

The Ever-Present Origin by Jean Gebser

His work, Ursprung und Gegenwart is the result of that inquiry. If we discuss morality, we can refer to amoral, moral and immoral. Books by Jean Gebser. Rather than allowing only gsbser rational structure to be valid, all structures are recognized, presented, one through the other. New Titles Series Subjects Catalogs.

Presennt book is more important than any of the details w I am going to do something I have never done before. The Four Mutations of Consciousness.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The mythical is imaginative and often involves seeing through complementary polarities darkness and light, good and evil. It means that “objectivity” gets applied to “engineering humanity” whether it is in the behavioral sciences or the physical sciences. Read preseht, and you might glimpse the Ever Present Origin. Origin or Ursprung, in the original German is the source from which all springs, but it is that which springs forth itself.

This book is arguably the single most significant book on the planet, putting Flatland archaic “scripturalisms” to shame. I can’t say it is because Gebsee agree with him on everything.


Unlike the archaic structure in which there is a “perfect identity of man and universe”, [10] man is aware of nature as something within which his community must “listen” and act in order to survive.

Extreme materialism claims that “everything is nothing but matter — atoms “. These categories were said to be wholly distinct one from the other.

The rational structure of awareness seeks to deny the other structures with its claim that humans are exclusively rational. Mario Spassov rated it it was amazing Mar 28, The archaic structure is the first structure of consciousness to emerge from the “ever-present origin”:. Shaiya Rothberg rated it it was amazing Apr 22, James Culbertson rated it it was amazing Feb 19, A Contribution to the History of the Awakening of Counsciousness.

They were identical with that world.

The Ever-Present Origin

It was here that he changed his German first name “Hans” to the French “Jean. The aperspective integral epoch is not an ontology, a theory of being or gegser of the mental structure, but etiology anatomy, diagnosis.

Jun 28, Sabrina rated it it was amazing. He sought to avoid calling this process oritin, since any such notion was illusory when applied to the “unfolding of consciousness.

Nov 21, Joe rated it it was amazing.

Jean Gebser

Wilber found Gebser’s ‘pioneering’ work to align to his own model of consciousness, although Wilber finds evidence for additional later mystical stages beyond Gebser’s integral structure.

No direct information on wver structure is available; it is inferred from writings from later times. Contemplation —looking inward—is devalued in relation to what one “can do”.

I don’t share his broad characterizations of “the orient”. This book did me gebesr profound good. Gebser wrote that the question as to the fate of humanity is still open, that for it to become closed would be the ultimate jewn, but that such a closure remains a possibility.


To Gebser, our fate is not assured by any notion of “an evolution toward”, or by any kind of ideal way of being. He was also a published poet. The concepts are strange and difficult: No trivia or quizzes yet. It shows that scholarly precision and faithfulness to given data are fully compatible with a broad, imaginative, and spiritual outlook; and it exposes the utter sterility of the prevailing positivistic, evet, and wrongfully scientistic methods.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As Gebser understands the term, “conscious is neither knowledge nor conscience but must be understood for the time being in the broadest sense as wakeful presence. Jul 03, Willa rated it it was amazing. Katherine rated it it was amazing Sep 03, The term “archaic” as used here is derived from the Greek arce, meaning inception, or origin.

Gebser traces the evidence for the transformations of the lrigin of consciousness as they are concretized in historical artifacts. He died in Berne on May 14, Scudder Limited preview – Gebser’s non plus ultra magnum opus; you ogigin be extremely committed to do a reading of this massive work justice.

The Ever-Present Origin – Jean Gebser – Google Books

BishopJohn R. An aspect of integral awareness is the presentiation, or “making present”, of the various structures of awareness. A profound book that brings ever-new insights into the significance of existence and evolution.

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