Buy Finnikin de la Roca / Finnikin of the Rock (Cronicas De Lumatere) by Melina Marchetta, Noemi Risco (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Marchetta, Melina , ; Format: Book; pages: maps ; 22 cm. The Paperback of the Finnikin de la Roca (Finnikin of the Rock) by Melina Marchetta at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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This rocca is about a country called Lumaterenow cursed land which doesn’t allow anyone to enter or to leave. In the land of Skuldenore, there finnkkin a kingdom called Lumatere. The plight of the Lumaterans greatly outweighed my interest over the romance, if you can believe it. If you’d like some snippets of info on Froi’s book to tide you over until its release, check out this and this. A fair warning to everyone, this is not a full review of any of the books, but instead a quick overview discussing what, I find thought provoking about the series.

I think my first stumbling doca was the puzzling childishness of this story – including the ‘epic’ bits and all the ‘dangers’ the characters faced. O’Bibliophile rated it did not like it Shelves: Her first novel, Looking For Alibrandi was awarded the Children’s Book Council of Australia award in and her second novel, Saving Francesca won the same award in As the story progresses, we meet more characters who are either important to the plot or are connected somehow mafchetta the main ones.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta (1 star ratings)

She doesn’t rooca to take a bath until later in the journey, where it focuses at least a paragraph on how her skin is shiny and has a lovely tone and blablabla But then felt bad because he was just an ignorant thief who hadn’t been told not to rape, so they rescue him back and then it’s like no big deal – nothing happened.


But then, in lz opinion no book is perfect, and I enjoyed so much this journey I can’t hold a grudge. That’s just not the kind of stuff I like to read. Re-read in May I might write soon a new review for the series, as it blew my mind once more and I still love it to pieces.

View all 92 comments. Want to Read saving…. Melin, while the plot and character development in this foca was enticing, but I have to say that it was the writing style that kept me from giving me the book a full five stars.

Finnikin is snarky, strong, smart, but also a bit hot-headed at times. I’ve heard good recommendations. The history of the land, the images Marchetta writes, everything is so vivid. I did not like the fact that Finnikin would go sleep with a whore and so would his dad d that was supposed to be acceptable? I think this book goes in hard when in comes to traditional gender roles. I feel like I’ve already wasted enough mental energy slogging through scene after unnecessary scene of melodramatic df and sweeping generalizations in place of compelling content.

Nevermind, we’ll doca them a story and they will instantly become our BFFs! We cry too much. Although I can be annoyed by their doubts yes Finnikin, I’m totally staring at you – but yes, I still love youamused by their repartee, in love with their courage, frightened for them – and sometimes, by them, they can make me feel restless, proud, mad, confused – If I you ask me to tell you one thing about them, it’d be that they never ever leave me indifferent.

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Did I miss something in the explanation? The plot twists are tear jerkingly gorgeous.

It was beyond frustrating. Refresh and try again. I managed to someway connect with him, on a very weird level. I’m supposed to feel empathy for and look forward to reading the next book about a boy that tried to rape the female protagonist?

This leads to the slaughter of the King and Queen and their heirs, and soon after they are replaced by an imposter king and the majority of Lumatere’s people become exiles.


Go read it, please! The kingdoms, the places, the religion, the magic I’m not sure what’ll happen if I ever dislike one of her novels, probably the sky will fall in and the world will end. My prayers have not been answered yet, Trevanion. It left a bad impression from page 1, but if the rest of the book rose above it then it could be forgiven like in Kristin Cashore’s Graceling, whose map has countries more-or-less called North, South, East ffinnikin West, but the characters and world itself make up for it.

I laughed, cried and was just amazed by the complexity of the characters in the story Marchetta tells. Books by Melina Marchetta.

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Other books in the series. He is complicated, maybe sometimes even more complicated that he should have been.

Mar 10, Limonessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: A prison where he could have been raped and beaten down. But of course there is more to love. My husband made the snide remark that the iPad would be permanently affixed to my forehead fknnikin I remained in “that ridiculous reading position. What’s the Name o I would be lying if I said I loved this.

All the nuances of the narrative, plot lines that make Melina’s works so rich – there is a love story in which a couple struggle for the upper hand in their young relationship; there are scenes marchettz friendship and loyalty; there are intricacies of the relationships between fathers and sons, respect, pride and competitiveness all tangled; there is a heartbreak of a love once powerful but now sullied by years of violence and abuse; there is an enemy, despicable and crass, but now not reformed but changed; there are strong men and there are even stronger women.

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